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  2. revInfo Owner is null before the cache

    Hi, I have sorted out the replication problems I had above (problem with network drivers and packet loss). However, I have a case which you may be interested in following up on for improving reliability in general: I use Plastic Cloud version I work against Plastic Cloud, with a local repository on my workstation. I had a consistent local repository on my workstation. Then, I performed a sync replication from Cloud to a local repository via the GUI, choosing "Pull visible". There were ~15 or so branches that were going to be pulled down. Partway through the replication I clicked "Cancel" in the sync replication progress window. After this, my local repository has been left in an inconsistent state. Attempting to update the workspace via the GUI resulted in "revInfo Owner is null before the cache" messages. Updating the the workspace via the commandline resulted in a number of "The revInfo.Owner is null before the cache" error messages intermingled between file download messages. A "checkdatabase" showed a number of messages such as "Seid 731 pointed by object 634548 does not exist in database rep_14.plastic.sqlite." When I checked with the GUI client it appears that I have replicated all the changesets from /main (but not all from a couple of child branches). I still got the errors when I attempt to switch to the newest changeset on /main. It looks to me like the replication operation within Plastic is not properly transaction-safe. Is this the case? If yes, is this something that you intend to improve upon in the future? I will make a backup copy of my sqlite databases; let me know if you need a copy of them for analysis. After this, I will drop my local "rep_14" repository database and re-replicate it from Cloud since this seems to be the only way for me to get back to a good state again.
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  4. replicatewrite permission for sub-branches

    Hello Manu, I am having the same exact issue, I am using the latest Version BTW is this issue exist in the upcoming version 7 ?
  5. Git Submodules (with Github) with Plastic Cloud

    Thanks @manu! This would work in a small project, but our last one got to ~100 gb (repo ~350gb) and we anticipate the new one will reach that level at some point... I won't have all team members keep a local copy of the whole thing as it's overkill. So I guess I'll manually merge for now and look for an alternative to Plastic Cloud for the future. It's a bit sad that the Cloud version doesn't support GitSync and proxy servers. The more I use it the less scalable I think it is. Cheers!
  6. Git Submodules (with Github) with Plastic Cloud

    Hello @Alexandre Fiset, I'm afraid the cloud is not having the GitSync feature Enabled. But you can still get what you want by running the GitSync from a different server. You can do the following: 1) Your "our_repo" cloud can still have the "Postprocessing" xlink to the "Postprocessing" cloud repo. 2) You'll have an additional Plastic SCM repo where you will pull from the Cloud, so you will have local "our_repo" and "Postprocessing" repositories. 3) Using the local repositories you can sync from Unity repo on GitHub ysing the GitSync feature. 4) You can push the result back to the cloud, from your local repos to the Cloud ones. You can even automatize it to make it on demand. Hope it helps!
  7. Can't connect to plastic server

    No problem
  8. Errors fresh install Unity plugin

    Hi @Stammy, thank you fro the log info. From what I see we might have two issue in your installation. 1) Bad client.conf configuration: What happens if you open a command line client and you type "cm lrep", does it work? 2) Bad license installed at your server: Can you please download again your license and install it over the one you already have? Then restart the Plastic SCM server. I can also generate you another license, I can't find licenses associates with your mail domain so I will need to know your license holder email.
  9. Tabs reset after restart of Plastic

    Wow, yes, the guivisualstate file is completely broken... Once the GUI recreated it started working fine?
  10. Tabs reset after restart of Plastic

    I think guivisualstate.xml was indeed corrupt. Renaming/deleting seems to help.
  11. Errors fresh install Unity plugin

    Hm... missing object reference in plasticunity_api.log.txt... 2018-02-15 22:34:30,563 DEBUG PlasticAPI - API: new instance requested 2018-02-15 22:34:30,637 DEBUG PlasticAPI - API: new instance created 2018-02-15 22:34:30,863 DEBUG PlasticAPI - Error checking Unity3D license: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.. Assuming that the plugin is unlicensed. Going to have a little dig around and see what I can pull up
  12. Errors fresh install Unity plugin

    Hi Manu, That's how I'm using Plastic at the moment, other than this issue the software works perfectly, and has solved many of our internal issues that we had with Perforce - even without the Unity integration it's a significant step up. I've attached the files, I'll take a quick look too to see if there's anything I can fix on my end. Thanks, Jared plasticunity_api.log.txt plasticunity_commands.log.txt plasticunity_status.log.txt plasticunitypipe.log.txt plasticunity.log.txt
  13. Hi! We are making games and would like to have Github repos in sync and inside our Plastic Cloud repo: Example: -our_repo // on Plastic Cloud --Assets ---Addons ----Postprocessing // that is synchronized with Unity Technologies repo on github Looking at the documentation and dozens of forums and blog posts, I'm still unable to get it working: Using Sync With Git on a branch throws an error; The changeset (...) could not be imported (...) An implicit transaction is not supported to write the metadata (...) Creating an xlink using a GitHub server doesn't work; the server spec is not correct I feel like a noob, but is there any straightforward way to do this? We would really love to have opensource projects hosted on github in sync with our project. Cheers,
  14. Can't connect to plastic server

    OK cool. I will remember this for the future. At first, I was a bit confusing to me. It totally makes sense to me now, regarding my personal license. Regards.
  15. Can't connect to plastic server

    You are very welcome. The additional problem @limbicnation has was related with the personal license. We had to reset the permissions using the WebAdmin portal and we make him the repository server owner in order to avoid issues. Remember the repository server owner is the Plastic SCM root user.
  16. The server spec is not correct:

    So thanks to @scaslin we found an issue related with the exclusive checkout system, the webui and the Unity plugin. We changed the lock.conf format to be able to accept and empty "lockserver:" parameter, this is 100% supported by the server and the regular clients (cm.exe, Plastic GUI and Gluon) but NOT by the Unity plugin. We already fixed the problem and will be released asap (it's inside the release pipeline).
  17. Tabs reset after restart of Plastic

    Hello manu, Thanks for your reply. It seems that the software fails to save the settings. I attached the guivisualstate.xml. Unfortunately I cannot update to Plastic 6 due to company policies... guivisualstate.xml
  18. Can't connect to plastic server

    Hi Manu, Thank you for pointing this out. At least now I can carry on working. Plastic Server has now been configured correctly. Thanks to your remote help!
  19. Can't connect to plastic server

    Hi Gero, yeah, there's an issue with the resources system. We are aware of it ans we are going to fix it asap. Renaming the english files to the required ones (cm-help-de-txt in this case) will fix the issue.
  20. Git clean equivalent

    I can't find a way to remove the last warning line and preserve the short format. You can do this: cm status --private --machinereadable --startlineseparator="@@" --endlineseparator="@@" --fieldseparator="||" It will not print the warning message but it will give you not only the file path but also extra info.
  21. Errors fresh install Unity plugin

    Hello @Stammy, I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with the Unity Plugin, I've just grabbed the latest installer for Unity and Plastic and it's working fine for me. Can you please enable the log as it's described here: please share the log result with us? I guess you already know it but you can work without the Plugin by using the "Transparent SCM" mode: https://www.plasticscm.com/features/transparent-scm.html You can work like that until we find out what's wrong with your setup.
  22. The server spec is not correct:

    Hi @scaslin, I've been trying to reproduce your problem but unfortunately I'm not able to make it fail. Can you please tell me if you are available to schedule an online meeting in order to try to get it resolved? Please tell me you availability and timezone.
  23. The server spec is not correct:

    Sorry that it's taken me a while to get back to you on this. Here's the log from a Unity test project. We still have the exact issue with version 2017.2.0f3 of Unity. "PlastSCM : The server spec is not correct:." Hope this helps, Thanks, Steven plasticunity.log.txt plasticunity_api.log.txt plasticunity_commands.log.txt plasticunity_status.log.txt plasticunitypipe.log.txt
  24. Constant hanging and "Loading..."

    Thanks! I'm sure it will be a great improvement.
  25. Constant hanging and "Loading..."

    alright I added it
  26. Tabs reset after restart of Plastic

    Hi @sit, the tab arrangements are stored at the "C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Local\plastic4\guivisualstate.xml" file. It's an XML file where you can see the views opened for each workspace, the order they appear at the file is the order the GUI will open them. The group GUID is the workspace GUID: <Group Name="7657ea99-49b7-42fd-9c71-3e5d3309f302" SelectedView="0"> You can get your workspace guid by running: cm lwk --format="wkpath:{2};wkguid:{3}" Can you check if the information is correctly stored in your guivisualstate file? Can you also try the same using the latest Plastic 6 release? The custom branch explorer view are stored at the guivisualstate.xml file as well. This is how one of them looks like: <View X="0" Y="0" Width="0" Height="0"> <Visible>false</Visible> <ViewInfo xsi:type="CustomBranchExplorerViewInfo"> <Type>BranchExplorer</Type> <RepSpec> <Server>catacroquer@cloud</Server> <Name>Quake</Name> </RepSpec> <CaptionKey>BREX_ON_REP</CaptionKey> <MountPoint>00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000</MountPoint> <MountPointId>56e62dd7-241f-41e9-8c6b-dd4ca4513e62</MountPointId> <BranchQuery>find branch on repository 'Quake@catacroquer@cloud'</BranchQuery> <Branches> <guid>803100bd-2854-4fe3-a38a-46640c9cb698</guid> <guid>61863b45-c02e-4edb-8028-b3ca0faef7c5</guid> </Branches> <Changesets /> <BranchFlags>None</BranchFlags> </ViewInfo>
  27. Constant hanging and "Loading..."

    Hi @chud575, I'm afraid it's not implemented yet. Remember you can add suggestions and vote for ideas to get implemented here: http://plasticscm.uservoice.com/
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