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  2. Trigger relative blank path

    Hi there. I am also very interested in finding a solution to this problem. I have tried: Using backslash before extra qoutes "\"C:/path to file"\" Using two double qoutes ""C:/path to file"" Using single qoutes both before and after the double qoutes "'C:/path to file'" and '"C:/path to file"' Using parentheses "(C:/path to file)" and ("C:/path to file") I can mention that I am running the plastic server on a linux machine.
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  4. Support whilst in trial

    Thanks Manu, will do Monday
  5. Support whilst in trial

    Yes for sure! We can study how to add progress for those long operations. Contact us at mlucio at codicesoftware dot com and calba at codicesoftware dot com referencing this thread, we'll take care of it!
  6. Ok, so it would seem that it is actually doing the upload, but it locks unity, and shows a progress bar of 0 of0 for about 30 mins on a large commit (8gb for instance) I know we could get that faster, hosting locally etc, but the time isnt an issue, it is knowing if it is progressing at all! Ben
  7. Support whilst in trial

    Hi, We are really struggling to evaluate the software, we want to buy it, but at the moment, Unity just freezes on a checkin. It does come back, but no progress of anything such thing. On a large checkin such as a few GB, you can't tell if it is frozen! Any chance we could get some support for this before we buy? Thanks
  8. Jenkins build jobs often trigger twice

    Hi Mikael, It is available the version 2.11 of the plastic plugin. Please, tell us if you see reduced the number of these duplicated builds after upgrading the plastic plugin. We continue improving the jenkins plugin based on your feedback
  9. Finding pending changes stuck?

    Finally back up and running. Restarting the server and updating to latest 7 had no effect. To make progress and get the pending changes view working I deleted the .plastic file within the project and then created a new workspace in the same location and did a get. I checked in a few files fine I then proceeded to check in sections at a time (1Gb / 100,000 files or so a time). This would cause to crash and exit every time, I sent the crash report via apple. Switching back to and the checkins completed. So there may be an issue within 7 when checking in large numbers of files.
  10. This morning has been spent trying to get Plastic to check in ~5GB of changes with no success :-( It looked like Plastic was crashing so I force quit plastic a few times and then decided to roll back to the last v6 version of Mac Plastic. Still this was taking a long time, however on looking at the Activity monitor I could see plastic was busy (100% of one cpu core) and the disk access was slowly going up. So I left it for an hour or more and eventually it started to show the uploading to server progress bars and no longer showed not responding in the force quit dialog. The bars slowly filled up until full and then it decided that it was going to cancel the operation. So I decided to move all these new files out of the project and add just a few at a time. Unfortunately I've not been able to get pending changes to show any changes it just shows 'finding changes....' It's not accessing the HDD or network but it's CPU is at 100% :-( As I test I thought I'd copy the whole project to another folder to see how long it should take to access all data (14GB) and it took just over a minute. cm iostats Performing network tests with server: xyz.com:8087. Please wait... Upload speed = 606.64 Mbps. Time uploading 16MB = 211ms. Server: xyz.com:8087 Download speed = 221.84 Mbps. Time downloading 16MB = 577ms. Server: xyz.com:8087 Performing disk speed test on path: /var/folders/7d/0592g77j6fq_byykt4rvvvw40000gn/T/PlasticSCM_IOStats. Please wait... Disk write speed = 455.516014234875 MB/s. Time writing 512MB = 1124 ms. Disk read speed = 1333.33333333333 MB/s. Time reading 512MB = 384 ms. It's now 20 minutes since I switched to the Pending Changes tab and it still shows 'finding changes and 100% cpu with no further disk or network access' This occurs in version and Andy
  11. Trigger relative blank path

  12. Last week
  13. I didn't able to upload, because there are some limitations for file size ... this file is huge. Finally, I did upload it to my personal home filestorage. Link: https://gorobets.kiev.ua:55001/fbsharing/M8Ry60wX Thank you. P.S. Sorry for delay! P.P.S. Let me know, after you download it.
  14. Jenkins build jobs often trigger twice

    Hi Mikael, Thank you for the detailed info you sent us. As far as I could see, Git also has issues with the duplicated builds. There is an open issue that exactly matches your scenario: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-30350 It seem it happens with other SCM's too. However, after reviewing the Plastic plugin code, I think that we can reduce these duplicated builds. So, I will notify you when the change is ready in case you want to try it . Does it sound good for you? And thank you again for your superb feedback!!
  15. Hi, Hopefully someone can help. Downloaded a 30 day trial today (finally had enough of Unity Collab) I provisioned a Google Compute server to host the server part, installed, all good, the server has 300mbs up and down, and is running a good spec. Installed the client on my workstaion, again all good In unity, I did my first commit, about 5GB, about 4000 files, some as large as 300mb for some meshes. Now, when opening Unity, it just freezes, and if it unfreezes it is super laggy, unusable , selecting an asset takes a couple of seconds to register, then unity freezes again for 5 minutes. In task manager, Plastic SCM is using about 5% CPU, and about 10mbps bandwidth (I have 20mbs up, so not maxing out my network), but it is just locking up the unity.exe I have tried all the usual stuff, restart, reinstall the Plastic client. I am running unity 2017.3.0f3 Ending task on Plastic SCM immediatly brings control back to Unity. Thanks for any help you can give me! Ben
  16. Jenkins Shared Libraries in Plastic SCM

    We had a short meeting with Mikael today. * We need to improve integration with BlueOcean. We'll do. * We are going to create an alternative for the "create workspaces under a fixed directory" to support shared libraries in Jenkins
  17. Fully cleaning a changeset

    Wow, thanks for the fast response! When I tried cm unco --all, it undid all my changes, but didn't delete all the private, hidden, and ignored files. When typing cm unco --help, the help text doesn't mention the --all switch, so maybe there's a way to ask for this as well? Edit: cm version tells me I'm running
  18. Fully cleaning a changeset

    Hi Michael, Let me know if this helps: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/cli/plastic-scm-version-control-cli-guide.shtml#Cleanupallchangesintheworkspace
  19. Fully cleaning a changeset

    As part of our automated build process, we want to undo all changes and delete all added files (ignored and hidden) before building so that we're starting from a completely clean changeset. We've experimented with various cm.exe options, but haven't found any combination that does what we're trying to do. As a workaround, we typically delete the entire directory (with rmdir /s /q) and check it back out, but occasionally the directory doesn't delete successfully; one of the background processes such as an antivirus or plasticscmshellextensionproxy.exe probably has lock on it. What's the preferred way to completely clean a changeset? Thanks in advance.
  20. Trigger relative blank path

    Hello ! I want to create a trigger that work with path I include spaces. How do I do that ? Assuming I have a path like this : workspacesFolder/to my script/helloworld.bat Creating a trigger for that script will not work at all because of the spaces I tried also using the environment variable @WK_SPACES but It seems to be not working as well The command I used : cm maketrigger after-setselector "output somessss text to file" "C:/Triggers Test/dummy.bat" --filter="/main/DwarfNet/card_shuffle_server_bat" --server=alwayson:8087 I don't have any problems creating trigger with non-blank path. PLASTIC VERSION USED : Thanks, Raphael
  21. Enabling Logging

    Hello, I have followed the steps described here but I can't manage to enable logging on my Plastic Client https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/technical-articles/kb-enabling-logging-for-plastic-scm-part-i.html Is this working with someone ? Thanks ! Raphaƫl
  22. Jenkins Shared Libraries in Plastic SCM

    Hi Mikael, We are currently working on reviewing all our major CI integrations, and Jenkins is a top priority. We would like to dig deeper on the workflow you propose. Would you mind reaching me at pablo at codicesoftware.com to schedule an online session as soon as possible and discuss this topic? Thanks for your support! pablo
  23. Version Identification (Server)

    Well I'm actually more interested remote client issues, since they currently have no way at all to check the version of the server they are connecting to. This is important when running into issues with syncs, tube connections, etc. It would be nice if there easy way to get the server version from the Plastic Client GUI and or the CM CommandLine.
  24. Jenkins Shared Libraries in Plastic SCM

    I am experimenting a bit with loading in the support modules using the 'load' command in Groovy. Problem: on the master, the "Pipeline script from SCM" will result in the repository being checked out to .../TestProject@script/PlasticWorkspaceName/<files> but when the Jenkinsfile is executed, the context (both ${WORKSPACE} and pwd()) point to the .../TestProject/, i.e. the root of the 'real' workspace checkouts on the slaves. I do not know how to phrase the load statement correctly on both master and slave.
  25. Jenkins Shared Libraries in Plastic SCM

    Ideally I would like to: * Have one single (large) repository with the source code for my product; this does not necessarily have to include the build configurations * Describe my build configurations using Declarative Pipeline syntax, and have this stored somewhere in source control * Be able to share common build logic between multiple build configurations, and have this shared logic also stored somewhere in source control Today I have a single Plastic repo that contains the product + 5 build configuration files (that is, 5 Jenkinsfiles). I have one Jenkins job configured for each build configuration, and I specify the appropriate Jenkinsfile in the Pipeline Job configuration. This is reasonable... except that I have a blob of Groovy support-functions at the top of each Jenkinsfile. I would like to be able to move out that blob of support functions to a couple of Groovy source files in a single, shared location. If I was using Git, I would move the Groovy support-functions to a separate Git repository. I would add that Git repository to Jenkins list of Global Shared Libraries. Then I would add a "@Library("my-support-library") _" line at the top of each Jenkinsfile. This would work - at least on paper. Is there any solution that allows me to share the logic if files are kept in Plastic repo(s)? When I Google on this most results say "use Shared Libraries". (Pushing out the build logic from Groovy to a different language - batch files, Python scripts, etc - will make it trivial to share the batch/Python/etc source files between the different build configurations, but then I lose access to all the existing Jenkins plugins and internal Jenkins state.)
  26. Jenkins Shared Libraries in Plastic SCM

    Hi Mikael, We changed that behavior long time ago to support multiple plastic workspaces for the same jenkins project (The 'additional workspaces' entry in the Source Code Management section). This way you are able to setup different workspaces for the same jenkins project and customize their relative paths through the 'Workspace Name' field. Couldn't you configure your project builds to take advantage of this behavior in your setup? If it doesn't suit you at all, we could review how to support also plastic workspaces directly in the jenkins workspace.
  27. Jenkins build jobs often trigger twice

    Thanks for looking into this. I am running Jenkins 2.109, with PlasticSCM plugin 2.10. My test configuration is one machine that runs the Jenkins master (Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS) with cm, plus one Jenkins build agent (Windows Server 2016) with cm (I will upgrade it to shortly.) The build jobs I run are Pipeline jobs that are set to "Pipeline script from SCM". The Jenkinsfile is written in Declarative Pipeline syntax. The Plastic workspace is ~4.5GB in size. Let me know if you need a smaller repro case, or want me to activate extra logging on our system, or anything else.
  28. Jenkins build jobs often trigger twice

    I reviewed the plastic plugin + jenkins poolling code and I didn't see how this extra build can be started. Indeed, I forced some plastic exception during the pool process but the build was not started. I reviewed the code and performed the tests with the 2.111 version of jenkins. Please, could you tell me which jenkins version are you using? Thus, I can try it with your exact version.
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