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  3. C# 7/Visual Studio 2017 support

    I think this creates a larger concern that I'm wondering if you considered, namely that the C# team is planning a faster cadence with smaller 'dot versions' coming quaterly (See: https://medium.com/@jakubgarfield/c-7-0-and-beyond-with-mads-torgersen-36c44a047024, section 'The Future'). Will the Plastic team be able to keep up with the pace of these sorts of changes? Obviously not all releases will require changes to semantic merge, but it definitely has to be a concern/consideration?
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  5. Where can I find documentation on how to use ignore.conf?

    This is definitely not the case (at least, not in 2017, maybe it was in 2014). Given ignore * !*.cs obj and workspace ignore.conf Program.cs obj/ someAutomaticallyGenerated.cs someAutomaticallyGenerated.cs shows up despite the fact that its parent folder is ignored. Even changing `obj` to `obj/**` did not change anything
  6. yes this is correct. I was able to continue working on existing repos that had tabs open no problem, but the repo list stayed blank as it got stuck on the downed server when trying to update. In terms of how often we are listing repos, it might be once a week or so, however we onboard new staff regularly so for them it was impossible to get setup fresh on a new project because they couldn't create a workspace as they couldn't access any repos
  7. So ran into a bit of a frustrating situation that was partially my doing but the frustrating part was that I couldn't find a way to fix it once I rectified the cause of the problem. So here's what happened: I pulled down a fresh copy of a 40GB project this morning Because of issues on other projects I had all folders called "Binaries" on my global cloaked list This caused the Binaries folder not to be downloaded with my fresh pull and on this project this preventing me from compiling the project Upon realizing the folly of my ways I removed the Binaries folder from my cloaked list assuming that now I would be able to do an update and pull down the missing folder Upon hitting update Plastic tells me that I am up to date and has nothing to download So aside from starting from scratch, how do I download this missing local folder now that it is no longer on my cloaked list? In P4 it is as simple as browser the server depot and doing a force update on the folder but I can't find anywhere where I can browse the remote repo in plastic, so some help would be appreciated
  8. This was only happening with a single workspace.. I didn't have time to debug the issue so I deleted everything locally and pulled again.. it's fixed now but I have no idea what was causing this
  9. diff case sensitivity of files

    I tried changing the case of the first letter in a file from lowercase to uppercase. This gives me no pending changes in plastic.
  10. Best way to track Git + fork(s)

    I've discovered that Git Sync works on a repository level, not a branch level. So it's impossible to sync simultaneously with multiple Git repositories. The solution that I intend to use now is to migrate updates from upstream repos to fork repos using a local intermediary Git repository, while syncing Plastic only with the leafmost Git repository.
  11. Gluon via CM

    I'm working on a script for work environment setup, something that installs and configures the software necessary to develop the product. I found the command line parameters unattended installation, which covers installing Gluon. The final step that I'm working towards is setting the branch of the workspace, but before that can happen the workspace needs to be created, configured, and updated. Using cm, what commands should I use in order to make sure that my workspace is 100% Gluon-compatible?
  12. Hi, You mean listing repos on all GUIs become unavailable? Because obviously clients not using that server can continue working, doing commits... push, pull, I mean, they won't even care if they are not using this crashed server. In case the issue is with the repo list: are you guys often listing repos??
  13. Encountered this problem today and it seems completely insane that this is a thing so I'm hoping there is something I am missing or doing wrong. The situation is this: We have multiple servers with our various clients, they are setup as profiles so that when I go into my repo list I see all repos from all servers. A problem with one of those servers cropped up today and the server crashed. The result for me and our entire company is that the entire repo list became unavailable as it was hanging on that one server indefinitely. That one server going down made it impossible to access any repo from the repo list as it would just sit there trying to update forever. Please tell me what I can do to prevent one downed server from making everything inaccessible as it wasn't even clear in the beginning that this was being caused by this one downed server. I had to log in to each and everyone to find which one was offline, reboot it and then check that my repo list came back
  14. diff case sensitivity of files

    Plastic does recognize case changes. Can you be more precise on your issue?
  15. When running gtkplastic and connecting to a server it fails to accept the SSL certificate. It asks me to accept the certificate twice (I press Yes): Then it shows this error message: When I try running clconfigureclient on the command line I get no chance to accept the certificate and get errors too: When I run as sudo the same error is shown: But when I run 'sudo gtkplastic' I can accept the certificate and it actually works. The issue is likely due to insufficient privilege but the error message does not tell me that, also I do not understand why running 'sudo clconfigureclient' does not work if it is a privilege issue. Please fix this issue or at least provide a proper error message.
  16. diff case sensitivity of files

    I changed the case of some letters in a file i have source controlled by plastic and i want to check that in. However, plastic does not seem to recognize that a change has been made at all. I've been trying to find a setting for case sensitivity but was unable to find anything, is there such a setting or how can i get plastic to recognize this change? BR Johan
  17. Best way to track Git + fork(s)

    Here's the scenario: Foo has repository Bar on GitHub SuperCow has repository Baz on GitHub, which is a fork of Foo/Bar I want to, in turn, fork Baz as a Plastic SCM repo, while retaining the ability to merge and cherry-pick from Baz and Bar, and the ability to contribute to Baz. After doing a bit of reading, my intuition is that I should create a repository where the main branch is synced with Foo/Bar, a child branch is synced with SuperCow/Baz, and a subsequent child branch that I use for development. The documentation doesn't cover any scenarios that involve multiple Git repositories, fork or not, so I figure there is probably something wrong with my suggested approach, or, at the very least, gotchas that I should be aware of.
  18. multiple root branches

    I see that it's possible to create additional branches at the root level (e.g. create `/foo` instead of `/main/foo`). What are some potential use-cases for this? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  19. GUI

    Hello Manu, It happens for each workspace and repositories. I even freshly created a new repo and a new workspace. I added under control a directory and a text file and checked in. Attached is the gtkplastic.log.txt file. gtkplastic.log.txt
  20. GUI

    Hi @bpivaty, can you please send us the /home/codice/.plastic4/gtkplastic.log.txt log file? It will hopefully give us more info about the issue. I tested the same Ubuntu release and I can't reproduce it Can you tell me if it happens for all your workspaces? And the same for all the repositories? Please if you don't have more create a dummy one.
  21. Hello @ironbelly, can you please enable the Plastic SCM client log and post it to us? https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/technical-articles/kb-enabling-logging-for-plastic-scm-part-i.html It will hopefully give us more info about the issue. Is this happening for all the workspaces created working with a certain repository?
  22. Yes, we are sorry, it was a bug, actually a regression. From the release notes (https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/ Gluon configuration broken: it wasn't unable to list repositories. Fixed now. It was a regression of a task to improve the handling of aliases introduced in
  23. Turns out it is a bug in that version. Had to download client.
  24. I am installing on a client machine, trying to connect to a server. Can't get past the first dialog. Any ideas? The server itself is running fine, I have other clients that are working with it daily, and Plastic support says they were able to connect to it fine.
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  26. This started happening a couple weeks ago and I'm not entirely sure why. Only on one repo, any ideas?
  27. Error during sync to git: Cannot access a disposed object.

    Yet further digging made me realize that it was another 1GB limitation that I hit. Here are the steps that I had to go through. Pick your Docker version Docker comes in several forms: - Docker for Windows / Docker for Mac. These Docker versions integrate a lot with the OS & desktop, and use OS-specific virtualization mechanisms (Hyper-V on Windows / MacOS Hypervisor framework). The OS & virtualization integration require these to be run on Windows 10 Pro and upward, and OSX Yosemite 10.10.3 or above. - Docker Toolbox for Windows / Docker Toolbox for Mac. These Docker versions do not integrate as much with the OS & desktop, and rely on VirtualBox for VM management. Since they are not as tightly integrated into the OS they work on a broader range of OS versions (Win7 and, OSX Mountain Lion 10.8 or newer). - Docker for Linux comes in only one form. It uses LXC for virtualization. I usually use Docker Toolbox for Windows for my workstations since that gives me the same development environment at home as at work. Set OS virtualization support switches appropriately In order to use any of these virtualization technologies, the machine must have virtualization enabled in BIOS. It is normally referred to as Intel Virtualization Technology or AMT-V. In addition, if the user wants to use Hyper-V virtualization in Windows 10 Pro, the user must also install the Hyper-V role. Virtualbox on the other hand requires that Hyper-V is disabled - if the user tries to start a Virtualbox VM when Hyper-V is enabled the machine will bluescreen. Change VM memory size settings For Hyper-V the VM that runs containers will default to 1GB in size. See this thread, this thread and this documentation article for background information. I haven't tried this out myself so I don't know for sure what will help. For Virtualbox the VM that runs containers will also default to 1GB in size. If you launch the Oracle VM Virtualbox GUI then you will notice that Docker Toolbox has created a VM called "default". You can go into the settings of this VM and increase the memory size to something higher. (If the VM is already running, you need to stop it before you can make changes to it.) Once you have changed the VM memory size, you should be able to see the increased memory limit if you start a container and then do "docker top <mycontainer>".
  28. GUI

    No ideas about what could be wrong?
  29. GUI

    Hello, I already did. I even chenge the zoom level. But nothing changed.
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