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  2. Ops! Hope you are better now. Ok! if you find any issues please don't hesitate to contact us again.
  3. Hi, Yes, it should be working in both Linux and Mac. But you will need to use the command line "cm sync --help". Regards, Carlos.
  4. Hi, Just to update this ticket, I got connected with David to find a good workflow for them with Plastic. The key was the update/merge feature from the "Pending changes" view and also to understand that Plastic is actually merging changests (not individual files). Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hi Johan, We expect to work on several improvements in the distributed locking space this year. This multi-server setup is there, but it is not as strong as it should be: the lock is held only while the file is checkedout, and as soon as you checkin on your server, the lock is gone, so other user could lock on a different replica without having your changes... which is dangerous. We expect to improve this with "travelling locks" quite soon.
  6. I'm currently working on a setup that involves creating two repos on my local server and syncing them with two Plastic Cloud repos; one of these repos contains a relative xlink into the other, which seems to work okay so long as my local repos are named in precisely the way the Xlink expects. However, I have no idea whether this is going to prove workable even in the medium-term. @manu Does this seem like at all a viable approach for sharing a bit of code between different projects using Plastic Cloud? Or if it's not a viable approach, is there any other way you might suggest? FWIW I am simultaneously investigating the possibility of using gitsync with submodules, though that's becoming a whole separate disaster unto itself as detailed in this other thread:
  7. Sorry I didn't get back to you guys, I was off work sick yesterday. Thanks for the fast turn around, I've gone through and deleted the offending changesets from my local machine and re pulled from cloud and they all seem to be fixed up.
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  9. I'm coming from Unity Asset Server (tried git, mercurial, perforce and SVN) so my workflow is very basic. I'm able to do everything I want with Plastic except for this: Daniel opens Database.cs and starts doing a major refactor. Realises a smaller change needs to be made in the same file by David. David opens Database.cs and makes the require changed, commits it. Daniel hits the update expecting to merge the changeset with his current pending changes. Except... it doesn't offer to merge it just says: "Warning: This file has been changed in the workspace, out of Plastic SCM control, so data has been preserved. Item is not up-to-date. If you want to update it try to update forced this item." I have no problem with merging the entire change set into my current pending changes I just want the Plastic UI to give me that chance to do it. Anyone know where I am going wrong?
  10. Hi, I'm using the OSX version of Plastic SCM - (The Faces - Stay With Me). It's the Cloud version. I can't see any option to sync via GitSync in the GUI - on the Windows version, one can get to this via the branch view and then right-clicking on a branch. Are either (or both) of GitSync / GitServer supported by the OSX Cloud version? Regards, Gerard
  11. Yes please. Code review useless without it.
  12. Hi there, I'm trying to use gitsync to synchronize some local plastic repos distributed across my various workstations to one private github repository. My project has one submodule (some shared videogame systems I reuse across projects), which I have successfully pushed to github using gitsync.conf and an xlinked/gitsynced local repo. The problem I'm now encountering is that, when I do the following: 1) Make a fresh local repository and use gitsync to pull from my github repo (which works flawlessly), then... 2) Make some trivial change and attempt to push it back up to github... The push fails, giving me the following error message: "There was a problem unpacking: index-pack abnormal exit" Now, I have no idea why this might be happening. I've noticed, however, that there is a weird discrepancy between the place where I made the initial push and all the places I've attempted to pull it: these fresh repos include a .submodules file in the root of the workspace, while in the original repo no .submodules file exists. So I suppose I have two questions. Am I SUPPOSED to see the .submodules file in my local plastic repos after syncing with a git repo that contains a submodule (or is Plastic supposed to automagically hide that from me)? And of course, the bigger question: why isn't this shit working? I love Plastic and I hate git, but I am interested in open-sourcing some code of mine so this seemed like it'd be the best of both worlds. Really hoping I can get it running nicely.
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  14. Hi, Got file lock working today with a multi-site server setup, awesome! Seems like I have to specify the file filters on each server though, could it be an option in the future to get the rules from the specified filelock server? Best regards, Johan
  15. Hello Murcho, We found what's wrong and we now understand what's going on. Yesterday we added a new feature to the Cloud Server, a performance improvement to prune some types of trees (changesets), the problem is we are pruning too much, the good thing is the data is not removed, your files are safely stored as the rest of your changesets. The prune operation was done on the fly by a client request but the pruned tree was not stored. You can continue working, we have fixed the issue and you shouldn't see now more "deleted" items. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Sorry for the inconveniences, Manu.
  16. Hello ssaku, I'm sorry but I'm confused. Is that a typo? You said repo1 has an xlink to repo2 (repo1 -> repo2). But the repo2 structure seems that is having an xlink too. Assuming it's a typo and the repo1 structure is: repo1: -dir1 -dir2 -dir3 -repo2->Xlink You asked: If repo2 is only having local changes, that means only one workspace is having those changes locally and you will only be able to build from that machine. Local changes are not submitted to the repo yet, so nobody else is having those changes.
  17. Hi! If you keep following us on twitter the process should be automatic. If something goes wrong please contact us and we'll generate you a temporal license.
  18. Hello Murcho, if you are a Plastic Cloud user you can directly contact us through the support email -> support at codicesoftware dot com. I would like to schedule an online meeting with you asap, when are you available? Out time zone is CET. Best, manu.
  19. Hello Rod, you can alternatively use a different user for that purpose, it won't require a license since it will just run RO operations. BTW, I've sent you a detailed guide of the installation. Hope it helps.
  20. Hi, I have a question about xlinks and workspaces. I'm working on two repos repo1 and repo2 . repo1 have xlink to repo2 repo2: -dir1 -dir2 -dir3 -repo2->Xlink I want to build repo1 with local changes from repo2 is it possible to setup some how that it look into local worspace of repo2(like in clearcase and config_space).
  21. Having a bizarre issue, where a change set is different on 3 machines, and the difference is that it's deleting half of our project. Our artist made some changes on a branch, Checked them in, then pushed to our cloud server. I then synced with the cloud server, and some of these change sets now have deletions in them, which are trying to delete the majority of folders in the project. This happens on a couple of commits too. I have tried to perform a fresh sync with a fresh repository and the same thing happened on the same machine. This first happened on, and then I upgraded to before performing the fresh sync, in order to see if it was a bug in the older version. We then tried to sync on my colleague's machine, and he received a similar result, although less deletions. Really need a hand on this one as it's shut down work and we aren't sure how to fix it from here. Thanks
  22. Still the same issue. I don't have any repositories showing up, and I can still log in as any random username I choose. Also, when i put my credentials in on the WebDeploy of WebUI, it saves it in clear text in the web.config file. I definitely don't like that, as these are my domain credentials.
  23. Re: option to replicate to another server and then do backups from there... Is there a single command that can be run to replicate ALL repos from another server to this one (backup server)? Also create repos if they do not exist? guess I'm asking for a special replication command designed specifically for backup. You see, we have A LOT of repos (1200+ and growing everyday). Not that we couldn't create our own system to mimic the repos on the production server and setup a sync replication on the backup server for each of the repos, but a built in feature to do this would be much better. Would REALLY like to look seriously at using JET but need a 24/7 uptime solution. The "readonly" solution could work for us, but only if it might take 2-3 min for the sync while in readonly mode. Anything longer would not be considered acceptable. Better yet would be a continuous type of mirror we get today by setting up a slave MySQL server. Thanks
  24. My migration went fairly well, though it would be nice to have a dedicated tool for Linux to change databases. I had 130+ repositories so I created a shell script to call the RepliKate tool for each. On Linux you can use the mono installed in the Plastic directory to run RepliKate. It does have trouble (at least on Linux) with spaces in the names of repositories. I had trouble with timeouts on the database it was reading from (MySQL). Oddly I had this even when trying to replicate in the windows GUI on some of the problematic repos. Maybe it's a hardware / disk capabilities problem? Ultimately I ended up writing a Python script to more or less do what RepliKate does but with added function to save which repositories had errors so I could try them again. Still working on a few of the last problem children, but it's mostly done.
  25. Hi Chud, ok, happy to know your data is finally uploaded, how is the performance going on lately? If you notice something wrong please let us know it! We are constantly improving and adding new features for both the MacPlastic and GtkPlastic apps, they are not having all the windows features since we are focusing on the most important ones.
  26. Aha, that might be the issue. Yes, please. Reinstalling the web app is the fastest way. Remember al the steps you followed, app permissions and so on. The user the wizard requests is for internal operations, the rest of Plastic SCM users will be able to log in, no problem at all. Hey! No problem, here to help!
  27. Yes, the Plastic SCM server is running on the same machine (Disti-Plastic-1 is the hostname) on the 8087 port. I configured the WebIIS, Plastic SCM Server and WebUI on my username. However, when I installed via the wizard, I didn't use my credentials, as it said it was only needed for "charts," and I didn't think I needed to store my credentials in the config. I can try to add my credentials if needed, but at the same time, I want all of our users to be able to login, not just me. We have 40 active licenses here, and we want our users to be able to http into Plastic SCM. H:\>cm lrep Repo1 @localhost:8087 Repo2 @localhost:8087 Repo3 @localhost:8087 Repo4 @localhost:8087 Repo5 @localhost:8087 Repo6 @localhost:8087 Repo7 @localhost:8087 Repo8 @localhost:8087 Repo9 @localhost:8087 Repo10 @localhost:8087 Repo11 @localhost:8087 Repo12 @localhost:8087 Repo13 @localhost:8087 Repo14 @localhost:8087 Repo15 @localhost:8087 Repo16 @localhost:8087 Repo17 @localhost:8087 Repo18 @localhost:8087 Repo19 @localhost:8087 Repo20 @localhost:8087 Repo21 @localhost:8087 Repo22 @localhost:8087 Repo23 @localhost:8087 Repo24 @localhost:8087 Repo25 @localhost:8087 Repo26 @localhost:8087 Repo27 @localhost:8087 Repo28 @localhost:8087 Repo29 @localhost:8087 Repo30 @localhost:8087 I apologize if my responses seem somewhat oblivious, but Plastic SCM was a huge project that was thrown at us, and none of us have any experience working with it. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  28. After cutting my initial check in into 1gb chunks, everything worked fine. Probably just overloaded it with too big a package. However I will say again that the mac version seems to be slightly ignored vs the windows version, which has a very nice upload/download window and I chose the closest server possible. the speed has been quite good since the original email
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