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  2. Christian Southgate

    Jenkins plugin 2.17 fails due to cm wi before workspace has been created

    Thanks Carlos
  3. Hi Jake, I'm afraid Manu is not available this week. If you write to "support@codicesoftware.com", we can continue debugging the issue. It seems there is a problem with this specific changeset. If you cannot edit the comment, deleting the changeset may also workaround the problem. Regards, Carlos.
  4. calbzam

    Can't unlock files on Cloud

    Hi Brian, No sorry, you will need to release the locks one by one with "cm unlock". Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hi, We have already created a task to fix this problem. I will update this ticket as soon as the fix is available. Sorry for the inconveniences, Carlos.
  6. Hey Manu, Sorry just getting back to you, was away on holiday for a week. So I'm back trying to solve this again. This is what cmd spits out: I've attached my log from the 21/06 which is when the check-in was made (I also included 22/06 in case anything useful there). I'm not sure on the timestamp as the properties aren't rendered in the GUI due to the error. Thanks! Jake plastic.debug.log.txt.20180621 plastic.debug.log.txt.20180622
  7. applenaut

    Can't unlock files on Cloud

    Is there a way to unlock all files with a single command?
  8. Hi - I updated to PlasticSCM plugin 2.17 on Jenkins, and it fails at the beginning of the build, because it tries to execute a cm wi command on a workspace that doesn't exist yet: 13:33:04 Started by user Jenkins 13:33:04 [EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables. 13:33:04 Building in workspace /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS 13:33:04 [WS-CLEANUP] Deleting project workspace... 13:33:04 [WS-CLEANUP] Done 13:33:04 [WildscapesiOSDev] $ /usr/local/bin/cm wi "/Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev" --machinereadable --fieldseparator=def#_#sep 13:33:04 /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev is not in a workspace. 13:33:05 [WildscapesiOSDev] $ /usr/local/bin/cm wi "/Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev" --machinereadable --fieldseparator=def#_#sep 13:33:05 /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev is not in a workspace. 13:33:06 [WildscapesiOSDev] $ /usr/local/bin/cm wi "/Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev" --machinereadable --fieldseparator=def#_#sep 13:33:07 /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev is not in a workspace. 13:33:07 FATAL: The cm command 'wi' failed after 3 retries 13:33:07 ERROR: null 13:33:07 Archiving artifacts 13:33:07 Finished: FAILURE This is running on Mac OSX. I've reverted back to plugin version 2.14 for now, and that works fine.
  9. Thanks Pablo, I also had a call with one of your colleagues, but generally updating the client helped to work around this. There were some follow-up problems, but those could be solved as well. I'll submit a full reproduction log as a ticket so you can look into it. wzl
  10. Hi, We recently released a few changes on the locking strategy, and yours sounds quite related. Can you double check you are on the latest release? (or very close to) Thanks, pablo
  11. Good day, I'm working on a feature branch and wanted to merge from main to get it up to date. When processing the merge i receive cancelling the merge. We tried this on two machines and the result is the same. Is an exclusive lock preventing merging entirely? The file in question does not exist on my branch at this point, but it seems to be created from the attempted merge regardless. However, after undoing the pending changes from the merge the file in question still exists, and failed to be removed by the undo-changes. How can this be resolved? Thanks. wzl
  12. calbzam

    Conflict when merging using XLink

    Hi, Let me share with the team. We may be able handle this scenario in a better way. But it sounds like a very corner case scenario, right? Is it common in your workflow having different branches pointing to the same Xlinked changeset and then run a merge between them? Regards, Carlos.
  13. I have a question about merge and conflict with XLink. I would like to explain why after merge conflict exists. The problem/description: I have two repositories “TestPB” and “TestPB1”. The “TestPB” repository has XLink for the “TestPB1”. I have two branches to which the same change is added. Next updates the XLinki in the “TestPB” repository and merges like this: In this case, after the merge there is a conflict for XLink. I would expect that there will be no conflict because start and end changeset are the same, additionally the change (cs:23) was add in two branches - “TestPB1" repository. I am asking for help in explaining the merger or how to solve the problem for automatically merge
  14. Hi @Sam That will take a time to get migrated but just for you to know it will not be impossible. We have done bigger migrations (4TB) with a downtime of 1 hour, so if you are interested count with us to help. The MySQL is complaining about an incorrect string used for a comment. The Plastic SCM objects having comments are: * Changesets * Labels * Branches We can check the source repository info around the "2475" changeset/commit, we need to check the comments used, I bet there's one that is making MySQL fail. Once we find it we can change it and do the Sync. Best, Manu.
  15. Earlier
  16. Not first try, at least we try (not a Moby old song) three times. We can't switch to Jet because we worked for almost 4 years with Plastic over MySQL backend with daily backups and all security services you can imagine and my company has about 500-800Go of projects managed via plastic. Any solution with MySQL ?
  17. Hello @Sam, is that the fist sync operation? Are you pulling it from scratch? I notice you are not using Jet and since this seems to be a DB problem I would like to suggest you to jump into Jet, it's our own DB system much more powerful than SQLite or SQLServer. Is it possible for you to change the backend and give it a try?
  18. manu

    Global file configuration on Plastic Cloud

    Hello @dvanetten, I can indeed reproduce the problem. We'll add a task to fix it asap and I'll update this thread to notify you once it's released. Thank you for the report and sorry for the inconveniences.
  19. Hi Dale, yes Following up the issue at the Support portal.
  20. Hi everybody, I'm trying to sync with https://boringssl.googlesource.com/boringssl but I'm getting the following error : Incorrect string value : '\xF0\x9D\x91\xA5 n...' for column 'scomment' at row 1 Is there a known solution ? Thanks a lot Samuel T.
  21. I'm trying to set up a global ingore.conf, readonly.conf, and writable.conf for my cloud server. I followed the instructions in the docs, but it doesnt seem to work for me. Repro steps: Created a new repository "plastic-global-config" on cloud server Created workspace on cloud repo Added my .conf files to a folder named "allrepos" in the workspace root Check-in conf files to "plastic-global-config" repo Restart Plastic GUI Navigate to AppData\Local\plastic4\ and there is no "globalconfig" folder Am I misunderstanding the steps or are global config files not supported for Plastic Cloud?
  22. Hi Manu, I think this is the issue we discussed in the afternoon. Dale
  23. manu

    Advice for permissions setup

  24. tciz_plastic

    Advice for permissions setup

    Thanks for the confirmation. The support is great!
  25. manu

    Advice for permissions setup

    Great! That's right. Not denying and not granting will avoid the user to perform the action but it opens you a way to combine permissions.
  26. Yes please, ask the admin to contact us if further help is needed.
  27. Hi Manu, Thank you for your prompt reply. I have asked around other people here and it is happening on more than one repository caused by certain check-ins. It is better that I leave it to our Plastic Administrator who is aware of the issue and looking into it. Best regards, David
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