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  2. As far as I know it's not possible, you have to have win 10 and .NET 4.6.2.
  3. Hello Sorry for digging out this old thread. Just short question - is problem with long paths solved also for Windows 7. By solved I mean is it possible to use long paths in Win7 (Long Path Tool to just rename is not enough).
  4. Hello! We are able to reproduce it, we'll try to have it fixed asap! It's only a drawing glitch, don't worry about the merge or the data, everything is safe
  5. Hello @redmond27, this is the first time in years I hear something like that. The only way the workspace can, suddenly, start working based on the changeset #0 is removing the "plastic.wktree" file. This file is inside your workspace, contained in a hidden directory called .plastic located at the root path of your workspace. Do you have an antivirus SW that might be removing this file? Please enable the Plastic GUI log: Make sure it starts loggin information and continue working to check if you can reproduce the issue. Hopefully the log will give us more information if something goes wrong. Please if it happens again send us the log file and check if the mentioned "plastic.wktree" file exists.
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  7. Twice since I started my project has changeset been unknowingly set to "0" while in the middle of working. Recently this caused me to lose all of my local changes. When I go to checkin, my changeset appears to be set to zero in my branch explorer, but no files on my computer support this. All files are up to date locally. When I go to checkin it only shows the local files to checkin that are different than my last changeset (22), not the changest 0 that is claims to be on. The first time this happened I merged to a new branch, then synced to the most recent change and then merged my branch in. The most recent time this happen I automerged (everything looked like it should work, I got no errors or requests for conflicts). This merge chose to overwrite ALL my local changes with the old changes and every line of code I wrote is now gone forever. I can't believe this happened and don't understand why an automerge would EVER overwrite local lines of code without warnings? How can I make sure this never happens again? Why is it setting my changeset to 0?
  8. Tabs are a well-understood concept - but NESTED tabs? Having two different widgets for two different purposes helps separate them. Everyone's use case is going to be different but personally I am comfortable with the 6.0 drop down. On the other hand, I've found the way global views - workspaces, repositories - mix in with the things like 'items in workspace' , to be really stupid: This clutters up the workspace view for starters, and with multiple workspaces they get lost. The obvious way is for this to be some kind of "Global views" set of tabs. Not sure if that will be significantly more usable - don't just take my opinion. In some respects they are really singleton views - why have more than one open? - and should behave like Preferences does - I mean here not so much the popup window, but that clicking on "Workspaces" in the sidebar would bring up THE workspaces view. Of course, other people might like to have multiple views with different filters set. Not that you can really do that successfully now.
  9. When performing a merge, the display should show the result of the merge in before you actually check in the changes. However, the display is showing that the new change set created from the merge will be before the last change set on the branch into which you are merging. This is shown in the attached image. (NOTE: The pixelly nonsense where the branch name should be is NOT a part of the bug. The screen shot is from work where I have a NDA, so I blurred the text to be on the safe side.)
  10. This change is new so I would wait for more feedback to come in. I didn't even know my client was out of date until I had to do a fresh uninstall. So, people may simply not have the chance to update to this version yet. I think most users are used to having tabs. It's what the software industry landed on as good design. Look at browsers and IDEs for instance. You don't see people wanting to use dropdown menus as a way to navigate through tabs. That would be an ordeal, and that's what I'm experiencing. I understand why you did what you did but I disagree with the benefit outweighing the 2x the amount of mouse clicks in order to change workspaces. Please consider the scenario above: How would it feel to replace tabs in web browsers with a dropdown menu?
  11. Do you mind explaining why the tab system is more convenient?
  12. Hi applenaut, Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, we didn't get this feedback from other users, which seem to be happy with the changes in 6.0, so I'm afraid we won't be able to customize the behavior this time. Our goal was initially to move into something like what we have in Mac and Linux, with a switcher and workspace windows. We wanted to associate the window to a workspace, not many, and isolate the repos and workspaces view, which seem like they don't really match inside a given workspace. For instance, typically Plastic on Windows can't start up if you don't have a workspace (in fact, it forces you to create one) while Linux/OS X let you start and then decide if you want to browse repos, create more, go to workspaces, etc. But, then we decided something more compact would do better on Windows. And that's how the "breadcrumb like" style showed up. It also allowed us to gain more vertical space, removing one row completely, which is always a good thing. So, I'm sorry to hear you did not like the changes, and we will listen carefully about what others have to say about this, and we'll react accordingly. Thanks! pablo
  13. From my perspective current solution is better - tabs worked fine but up to just few workspaces... I have currently 20 workspaces and drop-down is much more convenient.
  14. I'm a fan of Plastic. From the GUI to the feature sets, I think it's near perfect. However, I'm disappointed at the recent GUI changes to the Plastic SCM client. The quick-switch workspace tabs are now replaced with a drop down menu (top left corner). For a studio that have multiple projects running concurrently, this takes one more click to switch workspaces. Not a big deal at a glance...until you find yourself having to switch back and forth often as the project manager. Please consider bringing back the tabs. I don't see a reason for changing the GUI for this just to sacrifice fewer clicks for a few more pixels of screen estate.
  15. Yep! You need to restart he GUI in order to trigger the download. Happy to know it works for you.
  16. Great! One question, are you suing the User&Password authentication mode? Yep, I'm afraid the xlink type can't be changed, you'll need to remove the current one and create a new one.
  17. Hi trx, Glad to hear that! Unfortunately our extensions don't currently support TLSv1.1 or higher, as you finally found out. We'll need to bump up our .NET Framework verson to make it possible. Regarding the URL bug, I'll talk to the development team so we can fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for your feedback! Regards, Miguel
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  19. SOLVED. This did not take effect the first time. I had to reopen the plastic client for the change to take effect. created plastic-gobal-config repo created allrepos/serveralias.conf opened plastic client (server aliases were not in effect for this session) A file appeared on my filesystem C:\Users\<my-name>\AppData\Local\plastic4\globalconfig\ssl_<my-server>_8088\allrepos\serveralias.conf Plastic client was restarted and everything worked correctly
  20. So i got it running now! Had to change two things: It seems, that it is not working with TLSv1.2 or TLSv1.1. I added TLSv1 to the ssl_protocols in nginx and I suddenly got a 404 error on connection (So I knew at least i got a connection to the server). The second part was that the hostname in the plasticSCM jira settings had a path after the port (https://xxx.xxxxx.xx:443/jira) so I moved the /jira to the REST URL (/jira/rest/api/2/). Seems like the path after the port is ignored or cut away. And voilĂ  it worked. Thanks again!
  21. I have created a serveralias.conf that works when installed in my plastic4 user directory per However, now I am trying to create a global configuration so that all users get this by default. I created a repo, plastic-global-config, such that I have the following file plastic-global-config/allrepos/serveralias.conf *This does not work* After restarting my plastic client, it seems that the global serveralias.conf has no effect. Thanks in advance.
  22. Thanks, manu, that worked! Now I would like to change the erroneous xlink to be a relative one. To do that, it looks like I will need to remove the existing xlink and then add it back in with the relative attribute checked. Will I need to do this on all of the numerous derivative branches and development? What I want to do is to go back and surgically change the initial xlink to be a relative xlink. Do you have any advise regarding this?
  23. Almost two years ago I wrote a detailed blogpost to achieve something similar: Integrating Plastic SCM with Google Cloud Messaging. Instead of updating a RSS feed, this blogpost describes how to send a push notification to an Android device. The trigger code was generic enough so that the notification could be sent under different scenarios: a branch was created, a checkin had been done... I think it can be a good starting point for you!
  24. Hello IronBelly, the Checkin trigger execution takes place at the Plastic SCM server ( The Checkin operation is executed by the Plastic SCM client but resolved by the Server and it's the server the one in charge of running the trigger scripts. Make sure the ruby environment is available for the system user running the Plastic SCM Server daemon (probably root). In order to monitor several repos, you have multiple options, you can use the filter parameter:, or you can use the "PLASTIC_CHANGESET" environment variable in order to get the repository and customize the trigger behavior based on it. Hope it helps!
  25. Hi! you can create a global serveralias.conf file in order to redirect all the <old-server> requests to the new server name. Check more info here: Hope it helps!
  26. Hi Jestic! I've just sent you an email to get more info about your issue. Best, Manu
  27. Hi! I'm in need of some help. As of June I've been unable to use Plastic SCM due to a crash when going to the 'Pending Changes' tab. All the other buttons (Items, Branches etc.) work fine, but as soon as I click on 'Pending Changes' it freezes for about 10 seconds and then shows a 'Plastic SCM has stopped working' error. I've already reinstalled Plastic SCM, but no dice. It might be worth mentioning that it started happening right after a major Windows 10 update in early June, no idea if that could be related or not. I reckon you're gonna need more information than this to help solve the issue, i'm not sure what else to provide so i'll await a reply first. I do have a log file, but I prefer to send it privately as it might contain some sensitive data. Thanks in advance!
  28. I just want to make sure I understand the right way to go about doing this before investing a bunch of time potentially going on a wild goose chase. Currently we are running a Plastic 6 server on Ubuntu 14.04 linux but if I am to understand the instructions correctly it isn't the plastic server that initiates these triggers at all, it's the client, is that correct? What I want to do is monitor a specific repo, and anytime anyone checks something in, it will update an RSS feed. What is the best way to set this up? Should I install and setup a client on the server, create a read-only user who only can access the repo in question and then create the ruby scripts? What if I want to monitor a couple repos?
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