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    I think this creates a larger concern that I'm wondering if you considered, namely that the C# team is planning a faster cadence with smaller 'dot versions' coming quaterly (See: https://medium.com/@jakubgarfield/c-7-0-and-beyond-with-mads-torgersen-36c44a047024, section 'The Future'). Will the Plastic team be able to keep up with the pace of these sorts of changes? Obviously not all releases will require changes to semantic merge, but it definitely has to be a concern/consideration?
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    Hello, I'm currently having a bit of a fight with this error window : "the parent revision is inconsistent". I understand plastic is trying to protect the new file over my old file. And this is good. But here are 2 suggestions on how i think to handle this better : Don't just tell me the problem for 1 file, then I fix it, then tell me the problem for another file, etc... Currently, plastic will stop at the first conflict, instead of giving a list. The two scenarios I see to resolve this conflict (for un-mergeable file) : 1) I want to forget my file. I have to cancel checkin, undo the change, and checkin again. 2) I want to keep my file over the repo file. Currently, i have to backup the file > undo the change > checkin > manually overwrite the file > checkin again. Now for case 1, it's not too bad, but still cumbersome when have to do it for multiple files, because of the first issue. Still, would be much easier if I had a button "undo my local changes" with the obviously needed confirmation popup, giving me a list of the files I'm about to loose. For case 2 however, it's a lot of steps, that have to be done for each file! And worst, if I backup the files, then undo & checkin, then overwrite with my backup, plastic will recognize this overwrite as still being an old revision, so the problem is still there. For binary file, i don't know how to fix that. Solution : Why not show all the conflicts, and for each conflict, choose which file to keep? "Keep my file" > the repo file is not lost, it's still on the previous changeset. "Keep repo file" > Just the same as doing "undo change" and checkin again. I understand the need to do everything possible to not go "backward". But for my situation here, the conflict happens on automatically updated files by unity, like materials or font asset files. They have been automatically updated on the machines of the coders who checked them in for some reasons, but I am the artist and I know that my materials or font assets files are the good ones, so i want to overwrite them. I hope my suggestion is helpful! Thank you
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    Hi Raghu, Unfortunately, that functionality is not available at the moment. You can request it at our uservoice website (https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general) and we'll consider it into our development plans if it gets enough traction! Otherwise, please remember that the jenkins Plastic SCM plugin is open source, so you can extend it if you feel courageous enough! https://github.com/jenkinsci/plasticscm-plugin Regards, Miguel
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    Hi @TechLA, yes it's supported. You just need to use your organization address instead of a adress:port string, something like this to refer your cloud server: Organization@cloud Notice that if you have the cloud encryption enabled you'll need to somehow install the encryption key. One of the easiest way is (at the TeamCity machine) opening the GUI and creating a workspace pointing to the cloud repository and run an update, you will be requested to enter the encryption password and a "cryptedservers.conf" file will be created in your "client" folder. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions, we'll be happy to help.