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    Hello Rod, you can alternatively use a different user for that purpose, it won't require a license since it will just run RO operations. BTW, I've sent you a detailed guide of the installation. Hope it helps.
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    Aha, that might be the issue. Yes, please. Reinstalling the web app is the fastest way. Remember al the steps you followed, app permissions and so on. The user the wizard requests is for internal operations, the rest of Plastic SCM users will be able to log in, no problem at all. Hey! No problem, here to help!
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    I can't see errors in your log file. Is the Plastic SCM server running at the same machine on the 8087 port? Which Plastic SCM user is configured for the WebUI, during the installation the wizard asked for one. Is it having enough Plastic SCM permissions? Can you try to configure a client with that user and run a "cm lrep" command to check it's able to retrieve repositories?
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    Sorry Rod, I missed your answer. Please change "<level value="ERROR" />" to "<level value="DEBUG" />". Restart the application and send us the new log generated.
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    Ummmm can you send your webui.log.conf file? I think we are missing log, don't you have more INFO configured?
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    Hi! can you please change the "webui.log.conf" file to increase the log level? Just change all the "<level value="INFO" />" entries to "<level value="DEBUG" />", then restart the application and share the log with us.
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    Hi, Could you change the application pool's identity to "LocalSystem". It seems the use who runs the WebUI doesn't have permissions to access to the Plastic user foder "C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\plastic4". Regards, Carlos.
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    Hi! We think it will be ready during the summer.Two month or so.
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    Enjoy it! It was able to help me to reduce my pending changes refresh from 5 seconds to less than 1!!
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    Oh, man. I said "OH, MAN!" You are not kidding, Manu. That is cool!!! Thank you! I will update to 6 once we get the Unisonic - We Rise release. Thanks, again!!!!
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    For the record, another way to workaround the problem I had was to disable the following Local Security Policy: Local Policies - Security Options - User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode According to the following forum thread: https://serverfault.com/questions/646691/user-in-administrators-group-has-not-the-same-rights-as-administrator-win-2012 "This could be caused by User Account Control, a feature (hated by many) which makes so that, even if you have administrative rights, you don't actually have them unless you explicitly request them." "by default, the built-in Administrator account is not affected by UAC, while all other administrative users are; thus, it's possible for an administrative user (different from the built-it Administrator) to not actually have administrative rights, even if it's a member of the Administrators group."
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    Hi there! I'm reviving this old topic since I had a very similar problem, and it may help someone. Due to changes in our Active Directory I had to create a new Windows user profile for myself on my Windows PC. To avoid having to reconfigure Plastic SCM, I copied the %LocalAppData%\plastic4 folder from the old profile into the new one. When I started the Plastic client I got the error box "Access to the path 'c:\wkspaces\myrepo\.plastic\plastic.wktree' is denied." and I could not work with any of my workspaces that were created using my old user profile on the same machine. When I looked into this problem I noticed that, for all my workspaces, only the ".plastic\plastic.wktree" file was inaccessible - I could not even read this specific file into a text/binary editor. However, all the surrounding files could be read (for example ".plastic\plastic.selector", any file inside the workspace, etc). By comparing the Windows Security properties of this old plastic.wktree file with surrounding files and also with the corresponding files in a new workspace created using my new user profile, I noticed a difference: The plastic.wktree file has Security Inheritance disabled, while the other files have it enabled. Instead, the plastic.wktree file has explicitly added the creating user as Owner and with Full Control. It also has added SYSTEM and local administrators with Full Control. Even though my new user profile is a member of the local Administrators group, it seems that UAC is preventing me from reading the file. By either enabling Security Inheritance for this specific file, or explicitly adding my new user with Full Control for this file, I could then read the file and the workspace started working in Plastic again.