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  1. As far as I know it's not possible, you have to have win 10 and .NET 4.6.2.
  2. Hello! We are able to reproduce it, we'll try to have it fixed asap! It's only a drawing glitch, don't worry about the merge or the data, everything is safe
  3. Hello @redmond27, this is the first time in years I hear something like that. The only way the workspace can, suddenly, start working based on the changeset #0 is removing the "plastic.wktree" file. This file is inside your workspace, contained in a hidden directory called .plastic located at the root path of your workspace. Do you have an antivirus SW that might be removing this file? Please enable the Plastic GUI log: Make sure it starts loggin information and continue working to check if you can reproduce the issue. Hopefully the log will give us more information if something goes wrong. Please if it happens again send us the log file and check if the mentioned "plastic.wktree" file exists.
  4. Yep! You need to restart he GUI in order to trigger the download. Happy to know it works for you.
  5. Great! One question, are you suing the User&Password authentication mode? Yep, I'm afraid the xlink type can't be changed, you'll need to remove the current one and create a new one.
  6. Hello IronBelly, the Checkin trigger execution takes place at the Plastic SCM server ( The Checkin operation is executed by the Plastic SCM client but resolved by the Server and it's the server the one in charge of running the trigger scripts. Make sure the ruby environment is available for the system user running the Plastic SCM Server daemon (probably root). In order to monitor several repos, you have multiple options, you can use the filter parameter:, or you can use the "PLASTIC_CHANGESET" environment variable in order to get the repository and customize the trigger behavior based on it. Hope it helps!
  7. Hi! you can create a global serveralias.conf file in order to redirect all the <old-server> requests to the new server name. Check more info here: Hope it helps!
  8. Hi Jestic! I've just sent you an email to get more info about your issue. Best, Manu
  9. Hello, as Carlos explained there're two ways your workspace can be configured. The first one is tied to a changeset, it doesn't matter how many times you click the "Update" button or how many new changesets the branch has, it will always try to keep it updated with the configured changeset, it's an static configuration. You will know if you are tied to a changeset if your top panel looks like this: The second one is when you work based on a branch, this is a dynamic configuration, everything you click the "update" button Plastic will search for new changesets and will switch to the latest one if it's possible. You will see something like this when you work with a branch: Best, Manu.
  10. Hello Tony, we recently added this preference because we started having more and more requests from new customers asking for it. The preference will prevent issues with newcomers and the "undo changes" operation after a merge. Imagine you have the a file "foo.c" changed, you start a merge operation where the "foo.c" files is a merge candidate (it was changed by a coworker as well), at the end of the merge operation you can't easily undo just the changes brought by the merge operation, this will prevent pain for rookies.
  11. Great! Happy to know it worked for you.
  12. Hi! Ummmm that's strange, please let me know the output for the following commands: cm whoami cm li
  13. Hi Philip! well, it seems you ran out of licenses in your Plastic SCM server. With the info provided I can think in two different solutions. 1) Purchase an extra license for the current user you are using in your MacOS machine. 2) Free one license so you'll make room for your user. Let me show you how you can manage your Plastic SCM license, it's very easy: Keep us posted!
  14. Hello Chris, as you know Plastic SCM is a changeset-oriented system, not a file-oriented one. That's why the merge is an all-or-nothing operation and it asks you to merge everything. You may want to use the "cherry pick" operation if the changes you want to merge are isolated inside independent changesets. If the changes are not stored inside independent changesets then I can give you a workaround that will help you to achieve exactly what you want but it have a handicap, the system will not store any tracking of the operation so if you re-merge from the branch the conflicts will reappear. The process is the following: 1) Merge from the branch, merge everything. 2) Shelve the result of the merge & undo the pending changes you have. 3) Apply the shelve. 4) Checkin what you are interested in, discard what you don't want. As I said this is going to allow you to choose what you want to submit and what not, but there're will not be any tracking of this "merge", if you re-merge from the branch there're will be conflict you will need to solve again. Hope it helps!
  15. Hi! I have never played with it before but I think it has an ubuntu inside it. You can use our Linux/Ubuntu packages to install the Plastic SCM server inside the NAS and use its local storage. If you want to keep the box just for storage you can mount the drive on a Linux/Windows machine and use the Plastic SCM database path ("basepath" for gluon) parameter to target the NAS drives.