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  1. Ops! Hope you are better now. Ok! if you find any issues please don't hesitate to contact us again.
  2. Hello Murcho, We found what's wrong and we now understand what's going on. Yesterday we added a new feature to the Cloud Server, a performance improvement to prune some types of trees (changesets), the problem is we are pruning too much, the good thing is the data is not removed, your files are safely stored as the rest of your changesets. The prune operation was done on the fly by a client request but the pruned tree was not stored. You can continue working, we have fixed the issue and you shouldn't see now more "deleted" items. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Sorry for the inconveniences, Manu.
  3. Hello ssaku, I'm sorry but I'm confused. Is that a typo? You said repo1 has an xlink to repo2 (repo1 -> repo2). But the repo2 structure seems that is having an xlink too. Assuming it's a typo and the repo1 structure is: repo1: -dir1 -dir2 -dir3 -repo2->Xlink You asked: If repo2 is only having local changes, that means only one workspace is having those changes locally and you will only be able to build from that machine. Local changes are not submitted to the repo yet, so nobody else is having those changes.
  4. Hi! If you keep following us on twitter the process should be automatic. If something goes wrong please contact us and we'll generate you a temporal license.
  5. Hello Murcho, if you are a Plastic Cloud user you can directly contact us through the support email -> support at codicesoftware dot com. I would like to schedule an online meeting with you asap, when are you available? Out time zone is CET. Best, manu.
  6. Hello Rod, you can alternatively use a different user for that purpose, it won't require a license since it will just run RO operations. BTW, I've sent you a detailed guide of the installation. Hope it helps.
  7. Hi Chud, ok, happy to know your data is finally uploaded, how is the performance going on lately? If you notice something wrong please let us know it! We are constantly improving and adding new features for both the MacPlastic and GtkPlastic apps, they are not having all the windows features since we are focusing on the most important ones.
  8. Aha, that might be the issue. Yes, please. Reinstalling the web app is the fastest way. Remember al the steps you followed, app permissions and so on. The user the wizard requests is for internal operations, the rest of Plastic SCM users will be able to log in, no problem at all. Hey! No problem, here to help!
  9. I can't see errors in your log file. Is the Plastic SCM server running at the same machine on the 8087 port? Which Plastic SCM user is configured for the WebUI, during the installation the wizard asked for one. Is it having enough Plastic SCM permissions? Can you try to configure a client with that user and run a "cm lrep" command to check it's able to retrieve repositories?
  10. Hello Chud, I'm wondering if you chose a very far away storage for the Plastic Cloud, can you contact us at support at codicesoftware dot com? We can check the issues you are facing.
  11. Hi! you can use the SyncView: And if you need to use the CLI then RepliKate can help you: RepliKate basically does what your script is going to do, you can modify the RepliKate source code if you need to behave differently.
  12. Sorry Rod, I missed your answer. Please change "<level value="ERROR" />" to "<level value="DEBUG" />". Restart the application and send us the new log generated.
  13. Great! Keep us posted with the migration results! We'll be happy to help if you have questions.
  14. Ummmm can you send your webui.log.conf file? I think we are missing log, don't you have more INFO configured?
  15. Hi! can you please change the "webui.log.conf" file to increase the log level? Just change all the "<level value="INFO" />" entries to "<level value="DEBUG" />", then restart the application and share the log with us.