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  1. My personal "single user" license is about to expire (June 23rd 2017), I have my server setup using a license token, will this automatically renew for me? or do I need to request a new license? Also, will I be able to upgrade to Plastic 6.0? or does that require a separate license request?
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      Нашли цену дешевле? Мы вернем Вам разницу. Звоните

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      Нашли цену дешевле? Мы вернем Вам разницу. Звоните

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  5. Yes my local server has a repo, and the remote server does as well. When I attempt to setup a sync, and put in the remote server it connects, but it tells me there are no repos. It never auto-created a profile. In fact there was no profiles.conf file until I copied one over from my Windows machine.
  6. I'm trying to sync my local repo (MacBook Pro) to our master server (Windows Server 2008 R2). But I'm not seeing any repos available? Running: cm lrep MAXSCM01:8087 from the Mac returns: "There are no repositories in this server.", but trust me, there are repos... Because on from a Windows 7 machine on the same network it returns a list of 17 repos. And both clients are setup to use UPWorkingMode. The only difference is the Windows machine has a profile setup that server. I'm not sure how to setup a profile on the Mac? Could the missing profile be the issue? And if so, how do I set one up? EDIT: Okay so as a quick fix, I just copied my profiles.conf from my Windows machine to my MacBook Pro, and restarted the plastic client, which works. But I would still like to know how to add a proper profile with the mac client, so if someone could fill me in, that would be much appreciated.
  7. Not sure if this is intended, but we use an integration branch, so our normal work process for every new repo is to create a new branch off main (for integration purposes), then create a branches off that branch for the actual tasks. So our branches look like this: (Where T is clearly a child branch of I which is clearly a child branch of M) But our branch explorer looks like this: (Where M is the head for both I and T) Note that this does not happen, if a file is added to I and a check-in is performed (so that a change-set exists) before creating child branch T.
  8. How do I change a local user's password on the mac, and then how do I go about switching the client to use that new user? The GUI does not seem to let me actively change the user... EDIT: Okay I figured out how to change a password using the umtool, but I think I'm in the wrong mode... what mode is for user account created with umtool (NameIDWorkingMode?). EDIT: Okay I figured that out too, appears to be UPWorkingMode. I think I'm good now.
  9. Ah! Thank You! I didn't even think about looking at gitignore. Exactly what I needed.
  10. I'm a bit new to the Mac OS, and XCode as well. Does anyone have an example ignore file? I believe I should be ignoreing .DS_Store files, but I'm not 100% sure what else is unnecessary to source control.
  11. I don't see the option available, and am using the same license that I do on Windows (where PlasticTube is available).
  12. Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  13. Is it at all possible to prevent check-ins based on running an external process? For example I don't want to allow a check-in of code that was not formatted with our company's standard (and we have different standards for different languages). I know I can check these in most CI servers during build (with optional plugins, StyleCop, etc.), but I don't want to allow a build failure if I can prevent it up-front. My thought process is something like: Check-In attempt Run one or more executables to validate code files On any failure, do not check-in otherwise allow check-in
  14. I think it was actually sudo causing the issue... after you mentioned not needing it, ran clconfigureclient without it, and it configured everything as expected, Thanks!