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    No, I'm afraid it's not possible yet.
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    Hi @Raghu only Plastic SCM admins should be able to create and delete triggers. You can setup it using the mktrigger and rmtrigger permissions:
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    It should be the same port used for the client connections. Can you share your lock.conf? That's all you need.. configure the file and restart the server. You can use the "cm listlocks" command in order to check if the checkout has been made in an exclusive way. Yes! you can use the brand new WebAdmin tool, no restart needed
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    Hello @Raghu, you needed the * because you need to provide if you want it for all the checkins done at that repo or just if a few fileas are changed. For example: --filter=rep:default,*.cs Will only be triggered when cs files are involved at that checkin. I think it would be easier to "understand" that if there's no file filter assume a *...
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    Hi @Raghu, the WebUI is available and you can use it, what Pablo wants to say is that we want to re-write it and build a much better and well connected WebUI in the near future. Feel free to use it, it's available at the Downloads page.
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    Let me give you some points to check and actions. 1) Access the "HP-WS-Z420" machine and run run the server configuration tool, make sure the authentication is set to users&passord. 2) Open the umtoolgui tool and check you have users created to access the server, if the users list is empty create a new one. 3) Restart the Plastic SCM server service. 4) Delete the "C:\Users\<UserGoesHere>\AppData\Local\plastic4\profiles.conf" file. 5) Run plastic --configure and configure it to work with the "HP-WS-Z420:8087" server. The test connection and the check user credential connection should succeed. 6) Open the GUI and check if everything works.