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    Hi @rodgeralley, Thanks for the feedback! We have to fix the editor layout so it doesn't overflow vertically, as you detected. I'll let the dev team know so we can release a fix ASAP! Regards, Miguel
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    BTW @rodgeralley I can't reproduce what you said about the comments, can you share a way to get if failing? Thanks!
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    Hi @rodgeralley, let me share your feedback with the WebUI guys! Thank you!
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    Hi, - From your explanation, you are using a centralized workflow: workspace directly pointing to a cloud repo where you checkin, update... The sync view feature is only useful when following a distributed workflow: you have a local repo where you perform local checkins and then you need to sync (push/pull) your local branches with the cloud repo. The sync view is not about syncing workspaces but syncing repositories: https://www.plasticscm.com/branch-per-task-guide/gui/whats-a-workspace - The encryption password is locally stored so every developer working with the cloud needs to know this password. Every developer needs to use the same encryption password. If not, the data won't be recoverable by the rest of the team. Regards, Carlos.
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    Hi @Ashot Vantsyan! a shelve is a virtual changeset so most of the changeset operations will apply for the shelve. "View shelve" is a diff operation so run a diff to get the same result: >cm find shelve 491 2 21/11/2018 17:14:18 manu LocalBoatGameTest1 Test shelve Total: 1 >cm diff sh:2 C "samples\Game.cs"