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  1. Hahaha no problem at all! Here to help!
  2. manu

    Illegal Characters in Path

    You mean having this -> " as part of a file name?
  3. Hi @karmakat, you will get it by using the "getworkspacefrompath" command, an example: c:\Users\mluci\wkspaces\UnityGame1\Assets\scripts>cm gwp . --format={1} c:\Users\mluci\wkspaces\UnityGame1 or c:\>cm gwp c:\Users\mluci\wkspaces\UnityGame1\Assets\scripts\AddMultishot.cs --format={1} c:\Users\mluci\wkspaces\UnityGame1 Hope it helps!
  4. You can send the information to support at codicesoftware dot com. We basically need all the pipeline creation steps in order to see if we are missing something. Please reference this forum thread. Thank you!
  5. Hi @cpurvis, do you have the change of reverting your last change? Do you have a copy of the original repositories? I think I know what's happening but I would like to know if we can start from the original databases.
  6. Hi @Misieq, Is this a new job/pipeline? do you mind sharing with us screenshots of the configuration you use? Just to double check, you are using the latest Plastic SCM release with the latest Jenkins plugin, right? Can you confirm the versions as well?
  7. Hello Vance, I'm afraid it's not possible to either remove the encryption key or change it. If you need an organization without encryption or any other key you'll need to create it from scratch. For security reasons you are the only side knowing the key so you are the only one able to decrypt the data. The key can't be change as there's data already encrypted with that key, any other key will fail decrypting the data.
  8. manu

    Cloud Server Side Triggers

    Hi @shaun_htc, yes, we are already working on an API based on sockets so you'll be able to enjoy it soon
  9. manu

    How to set up GitSync and perform first steps

    Hi @CG, I'm not sure why I suggested the Sync view there as it's not able to cope with Git repositories, just Plastic SCM ones. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Hi @wnicholls I have just tested the following with a tiny repository so you can replicate my steps in order to find differences: 1) From a Plastic SCM workspace working with a "test1" repository I selected the main branch, right click -> Sync with git. Now I have the "test1" repo imported into a bitbucket repository, a private one for me. So far the Plastic /main branch is translated into "master" for git. 2) From Linux, git clone the bitbucket repository. Make a small modification and push it to bitbucket. Now the bitbucket repository is having one more changeset/commit than the Plastic one. The new git commit is stored at the master branch. 3) Not from Plastic I repeat the "Sync with Git operation", the git commit is translated into a Plastic changeset that is stored inside main, I don't have a "master" branch in Plastic, just "main" and its child branches. So everything seems to be working just fine by using the "Sync with git" operation, can you test it as well?
  11. Hi @CarlosHS, now with Jet is much easier, I guess you are using it, right? In that case let me summarize the steps: 1) Copy the entire Plastic SCM server directory to a new location, for example /opt/plasticscm5/server2, well everything except the 2) Edit the /opt/plasticscm5/server2/remoting.conf file, change port="8087" to port="8097" and port="8088" to port="8098" 3) Create a "jet.conf" file and add the following: basepath=/var/lib/plasticscm/jet2 Or use any other path at your convenience. 4) Done! Start it... /opt/plasticscm5/server2> sudo plasticd --console Now, why do you need a second Plastic SCM server? Why don't you create multiple repositories at the current one you have? Notice you can setup ACL for the repositories just in case you can prevent people from using/seeing certain repos...
  12. Hi @wnicholls, I'm wondering if you had used a new Plastic SCM repository for the GitSync operation? I'm asking you this because reusing an existing repository with content on it will end up in a bad result as the GitSync is not able to reconcile Plastic and Git objects that were created outside of the GitSync workflow (pulling/pushing). Can you please confirm you are pulling for the first time, sing the GitSync operation, to a branch new Plastic SCM repository? Which is the problem you are trying to resolve with the BitBucket repository? Maybe the Plastic SCM GitServer can solve it: https://www.plasticscm.com/gitserver/
  13. manu

    Please bring back the workspace tabs

    Hi there! remember you can add this suggestion as a UserVoice idea so more people can vote it up and eventually get it implemented if it gets enough traction. https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general
  14. Cool! Keep us posted with further tests