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  1. Hi @Sam That will take a time to get migrated but just for you to know it will not be impossible. We have done bigger migrations (4TB) with a downtime of 1 hour, so if you are interested count with us to help. The MySQL is complaining about an incorrect string used for a comment. The Plastic SCM objects having comments are: * Changesets * Labels * Branches We can check the source repository info around the "2475" changeset/commit, we need to check the comments used, I bet there's one that is making MySQL fail. Once we find it we can change it and do the Sync. Best, Manu.
  2. Hello @Sam, is that the fist sync operation? Are you pulling it from scratch? I notice you are not using Jet and since this seems to be a DB problem I would like to suggest you to jump into Jet, it's our own DB system much more powerful than SQLite or SQLServer. Is it possible for you to change the backend and give it a try?
  3. manu

    Global file configuration on Plastic Cloud

    Hello @dvanetten, I can indeed reproduce the problem. We'll add a task to fix it asap and I'll update this thread to notify you once it's released. Thank you for the report and sorry for the inconveniences.
  4. Hi Dale, yes Following up the issue at the Support portal.
  5. manu

    Advice for permissions setup

  6. manu

    Advice for permissions setup

    Great! That's right. Not denying and not granting will avoid the user to perform the action but it opens you a way to combine permissions.
  7. Yes please, ask the admin to contact us if further help is needed.
  8. Hello David, can you please email us to support at codicesoftware dot com providing all the details? We will be able to connect with you in order to review the issue.
  9. manu

    Advice for permissions setup

    Hi @tciz_plastic, the following blogpost explains you scenario: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2014/07/securing-plastic-scm-system.html The key is not to deny the permission, just disable it. Notice the "deny" permissions will prevail over the "granted" permission so if a user belong to multiple groups the "deny" will win. On the other hand, if the X permission is not granted and not denied the user will not be able to do the X operation, unless it inherits the ability from another group.
  10. Hi @jakeslack27, ok, so the changeset comment is indeed a problem. I'm not sure why it's failing, it might be a problem with the comment itself or maybe it was wrongly stored during the checkin operation, I would need to check the server log for the date when the checkin opertaion took place. Can you please locate the log file and send it to me? I also need the timestamp of the 362 changeset. In order to workaround the problem now, can you please try to edit the comment using the command line? Being changed p:\privateeye\privateeye you can run something like: cm changeset edit 362 "Hey!" Tell me if the command is able to succeed. Best, Manu.
  11. Hello @jakeslack27, from the info written at the log file the issue might be related with a changeset comment, can you please check if the changesets you are trying to pull are having a really long comment string? If you find them please share the length with us. A sorter comment length might workaround the problem, you can edit changeset comments from the branch explorer:
  12. manu

    Visual Studio Team Services integration

    Hi @tucny, that would be really really cool from you. Count on us for questions and further support.
  13. Hi Misieq! we'll take that into account As you may know deleting branches in Plastic SCM is not possible. We don't modify the repository history.
  14. manu

    15+ sec lag on saving assets, all the time

    Thank you!
  15. Hehehe we will see Keep tuned!