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  1. Error Occurred

    Sorry Rani, I wasn't able to answer sooner. I'll be available for the next hour or so, please let me know if we can meet. If you are not available we can schedule an online meeting for the next week.
  2. Error Occurred

    Hello Rani, if you are available we can get connected and review it. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/286603757 It's complaining about your local server. So that the one we have to check, the central one might be OK but it's not the one failing.
  3. Error Occurred

    Hello @Rani, it seems you local server is not running. Can you try if you can start it from your windows services panel? If it doesn't start I can arrange an online meeting with you in order to get it fixed.
  4. Hello @karmakat, yes, we are aware of the issue and we'll fix it asap. It's related with the local machine time, the home changeset for the uncommitted changeset is incorrectly using it so it's wrongly drawed. It's only a drawing issue, the local data or the repository are just fine.
  5. Great, thanks. What about tomorrow at 10:00 AM (16:00 here)? I will be available the rest of the week same time as well.
  6. Hi @karmakat! thank you for the feedback. I'm interested in getting and solving the three issues you mentioned. Are you available for a fast gotomeeting sessions this week? We are based in Europe.
  7. Step-by-step tutorial failure

    How did it went?
  8. Hi @McSime, great! Please add the following parameter to the jet.conf file: highperf=true Jet will perform much better when you are dealing with big repositories. Please keep monitored the descriptors counter, let's see how it goes.
  9. Hello @McSime, the " Too many open files " error is indeed related with the number of file descriptors used by a process, in this case the server might be the one using a lot of them. I know you already did it but double check you changed the default number system wide: https://easyengine.io/tutorials/linux/increase-open-files-limit/ Can you check how many file descriptor is the server service is having? https://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-procfs-file-descriptors.html You might see two processes: codice@ubuntu:~$ sudo ps -fA | grep plasticd root 6843 3674 0 Dec10 ? 00:00:00 sudo -u plasticscm -b -n /opt/plasticscm5/server/plasticd --daemon plastic+ 6845 6843 0 Dec10 ? 00:04:47 plasticd /opt/plasticscm5/server/plasticd.exe --daemon Please check it for both. A few more questions: 1) How many repositories do you have? 2) Can you share with us your jet.conf file? I would like to know if the high performance mode is enabled. The immediate solution is increasing, even more, the file descriptors limit once again.
  10. Step-by-step tutorial failure

    Hi! Something like this? You should be able to increase the date filter by clicking the "Options" button: Set the Initial date to something big enough, 2014 for example. You should see something after applying the new date. You are talking about this one right? It says: "I'm using my local server running on my laptop, so these are the values that I will enter: " So you will need to use your machine name or just "localhost". 8087 is the default port where the local server is listening. Something like this "localhost:8087" will work. (or just "local" if you are using the cloud edition). Please don't hesitate to come back if you have more questions I'll take care to improve the tutorial based on your feedback. Best, Manu.
  11. Step-by-step tutorial failure

    @vonSchlank, It's just two sentences that shouldn't be there... Omit those two lines and you will be able to accomplish the tutorial...
  12. The server spec is not correct:

    You are having a different window since Unity is detecting a Plastic SCM workspace for your project path. You can set the "Gluon mode" to "False" and click connect, that should be enough. Can you please enable the Plugin log as it's explained above in order to check if we are facing exactly the same issue? I've been testing the plugin, having lock rules as you do and I can't reproduce the issue so far. I'll keep trying it.
  13. Step-by-step tutorial failure

    Sorry, it was a typo... "I think you can continue WITHOUT committing that zipped content."
  14. How to set up GitSync and perform first steps

    Hello @michalis, You don't have to do a Plastic replication (Replication -> Pull this branch") you need to run a Git Sync:
  15. Step-by-step tutorial failure

    Hi @vonSchlank, I'm not sure why the doc is saying that as a few lines below it populates the repository using a github repository... Yep, again... not sure why it's referencing a certain path that should contain source code... It's going to be downloaded from github later... I think you can continue committing that zipped content.