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  1. Support whilst in trial

    Yes for sure! We can study how to add progress for those long operations. Contact us at mlucio at codicesoftware dot com and calba at codicesoftware dot com referencing this thread, we'll take care of it!
  2. Can you upload it to a dropbox account? Or a Google Drive one? After I have the file you can delete it if you want. Thank you.
  3. Hi @NullSoldier, as you said, you can configure triggers based on repositories using the filter, that't why we added it, in order to apply the trigger to only a group of repositories and not affect everyone. Sure! Thank you for reporting it.
  4. Plastic SCM Plugin for Crucible

    Yep! Sorry for not updating this thread.
  5. Update: @jakeslack27 and I get connected the issue was indeed with the "info.dat" file. Replacing the file with a good "info.dat" file was enough to get it up and running again. We have this issue solved at the latest release of Plastic so I recommend everybody to get upgraded
  6. The server spec is not correct:

    It's out! Get the latest release and upgrade.
  7. Hi @jakeslack27 will you be available today at 12:00 CET?
  8. Are you available now for a fast online meeting? Ran out of time Can you tell me when are you available tomorrow and your time zone?
  9. Hi @jakeslack27, try to repeat the same process but using the following files. Please, keep me posted. info.dat_repositories info.dat_rep
  10. Hi @jakeslack27, It seems your "E:\Jet\repositories\info.dat" is wrong: 2018-03-13 15:16:39,622 Main-1 67eb6a4e-3da0-45de-9738-b22a11e2851e EVERY_USER_OR_GROUP Server:JAKE-PC DEBUG datalayerfs - File 'E:\Jet\repositories\info.dat' opened for reading. Size: 993 bytes. i need you to do the following. 1) Take the "info.dat_repositories" attached and rename it to info.dat. 2) The the renamed info.dat and use it to replace the one you have at "E:\Jet\repositories\info.dat" 3) Try to start the Plastic SCM server. If everything start working.... hurray! if not go to step #4. 4) You will probably have another error at a different info.dat file, check the log file, check the last line, it will be similar to the one I posted above. Find out the failing one and replace it with the "info.dat_rep" file, attached as well, you will need to rename it to "info.dat". This issue has been solved at the latest release of Plastic SCM so it would be great if you could upgrade your server. Tell me if it helps! info.dat_repositories info.dat_rep
  11. Readonly xlink into folder in containing repo?

    Hello @gweronimo, I'm afraid it's not possible, you will get the following error message: A repository cannot be loaded inside itself. The repository XXXXX@YYYYYY:8087 cannot be loaded on '/Temp/bin/Debug/testing' because it is already loaded on '/'. The best option you have is pushing the repository (or a subset of it) into an external repository and use it as the target of your xlinks. The other option of course is using symbolic links.
  12. Great! That's also a great place to start triggering build! Keep us tuned, we would like to help as much as possible, we are about to start improving all the devops area and all the feedback is more than welcome.
  13. How to download only part of the repository?

    Hi @rakkar, you have two different options: Gluon: as you pointed out Gluon will let you choose wht you want to download to the workspace. Please check the following videos, they will help you to learn how to use Gluon, you'll see it's super easy: Cloaked.conf: Configuring a cloaked.conf file before the update operation will let you choose what to download, check the following link for more info: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/user/plastic-scm-version-control-introduction-guide.shtml#_Toc266201374
  14. Hello @Kieran, all the Plastic SCM objects are having an internal GUID. The GUID is extremely useful when you deal with distributed scenarios. As you pointed out you can't rely on the changeset ID, you will need to use the changeset GUID. The best setup you can have with Jenkins comes by using the Jenkins API and parametrized builds. It basically consists in having a Plastic SCM after-checkin trigger that will be fired based on you preferences (certain branch, certain owner, certain comment, certain attribute set...), the trigger will then request Jenkins a new parametrized build, the job, workspace to use and more importantly the changeset GUID to build will be used among other preferences in order to start the build. Finally, at the Jenkins build node you will use the changeset GUID to run the "cm switch --changeset=Changeset_GUID" command and start the build job. We are preparing a blogpost explaining it in details
  15. Grant enough permissions to the client.conf file so the plastic.exe process can edit it. You can do it from the file properties -> Security