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  1. We will, hopefully, have it ready tomorrow.
  2. Hello @Gowrish, I think the Plastic SCM triggers will fit for you, specially the before-checkin trigger: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/triggers/plastic-scm-version-control-triggers-guide.shtml#Checkin You can add the logic inside the trigger body, check the names of the new objects, the timestamp etc... if it doesn't match your criteria then you can cancel the checkin operation.
  3. Hello @Tre, I find your feedback really interesting, it's clearly an improvement. Do you mind to add this feedback to our user voice area so other users can vote it up. if it gets enough traction we'll get it implemented. You already have my three votes. Best, Manu.
  4. Shelves and Exclusive Checkouts

  5. Oh! I'm afraid that will not work since the cloud is not able to reach "localhost:8087"... The communication localhost:8087 -> Cloud will work but the other way around will not, you'll need to expose your PC to the Internet with a reachable name.
  6. Shelves and Exclusive Checkouts

    Hello @DavidJ, can you please tell me the Plastic SCM version you are using? Is it lower than If so then please upgrade your client, we fixed a similar issue a few weeks ago.
  7. Out of Sync icon

    Hello @DavidJ, you are right, it seems something is wrong there... I can't get it either. I'll try to gather more info and I'll come back to you.
  8. Is TeamCity supported with Plastic Cloud?

    Oh, I'm afraid that plugin is not supporting Plastic You can ask them to try to support it though!
  9. Oh! Thank you for taking the time to debug the issue and returning with the answer! I wasn't aware of the memory limitation of the docker containers, this is value information for the rest of the community. If you finally find out how to increase the 1GB limit please come back to us so we can learn it too.
  10. Is TeamCity supported with Plastic Cloud?

    :S I'm sorry can you please elaborate the workflow and the tools you want to connect?
  11. Plastic Cloud Back ups

    You're very welcome
  12. Folder deleting

    Hi @Heater, I've been trying to reproduce the issue and I'm afraid I can't get your result. Trying to force it by locking the dir using the OS I get this: But I guess you are not getting errors at all, right? If you have time we can get connected and review if I'm missing something. Thanks!
  13. Before-Client Checkin Trigger

    Nice!! Thanks for sharing it!
  14. Hi @Lucas, Yes! I think if you do the following you will get rid of the credentials dialog. 1) Run the "clconfigureclient" tool. 2) Configure the setting to connect with your cloud client. 3) Move the "/home/<Your_user>/.plastic4/client.conf" file to "/opt/plasticscm5/client/ 4) Verify you can run "cm lrep" with your regular user and with "sudo" as well. If you can successfully run both "lrep" commands then I think the repliKate should work just fine.
  15. Before-Client Checkin Trigger

    Hi @DavidJ, I have just tested an small trigger, similar to yours and it works for me: I can execute "cm" commands, you can see the "status" output inside the warning popup dialog. I created the trigger like this: cm maketrigger before-checkin "pyton_trigger" "c:\Python27\python.exe c:\Users\manu\Desktop\trigger.py" And this is the code: #! /usr/bin/python import sys import os from subprocess import Popen, PIPE from threading import Thread import ctypes def cmdline(command): process = Popen( args=command, stdout=PIPE, shell=True ) return process.communicate()[0] filePath = "girl.txt" checkedOut = " CO " + str(filePath) undoCommand = "cm unco "+ filePath +" --all"; sys.stdout.write("Running status command...") statusOutput = cmdline("cm status c:\Users\manu\wkspaces\default_22") choice = ctypes.windll.user32.MessageBoxW(0, u'Out: ' + statusOutput, u'Warning', 4) if checkedOut not in statusOutput: sys.stdout.write("File NOT found in status"+ '\r\n') exit() sys.stdout.write("File found in status"+ '\r\n') choice = ctypes.windll.user32.MessageBoxW(0, u'You are checking in DialogTree_01.unity which you should only do if a new sector has been added. Would you like to revert it?', u'Warning', 4) if choice == 6: #! yes sys.stdout.write("Okay... Undoing") os.system(undoCommand) exit() sys.stdout.write("File not undone") Hope it helps!