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    Fast Export / Import to Git

    Is there an automated way to do this? Using a script perhaps? Or a way to find all the branches with spaces?
  2. Repro steps: Open preferences | Issue Tracker. Branch prefix: ESR- Project Key: ESR change to Branch prefix: scm Project Key: MULTIPLE_PROJECTS Hit OK. Open preferences | Issue Tracker. Old values are there, change not saved.
  3. This worked for me. Thanks. I'd like to see your fix implemented as well.
  4. Hi, maybe I'm doing something wrong or have something misconfigured.. Here is my workflow. 1) Open project, lets say a website in VS2013. 2) Add new .cs file to project, like a class. 3) Check pending changes. Nothing. 4) Scour "items in workspace" for the file marked "private" and choose "Add to source control". Silent checkin because I have that enabled. The huge problem that we keep running into is that the developer forgets to do this process and proceeds to check in their (modified, pre-existing files) files and then they tell everyone else "Ok! I checked it in!" Then all the devs go and update their workspace and the build is broken because the new files were never added to source control. Yes, the build works fine on the original devs machine, but it takes some time and effort to hunt down the reason it's not working is the idiot never added the new files to source control. This becomes a very annoying issue when building a site from scratch and you are constantly adding new files. Why does it suck? * No easy way to find files that haven't been added. No filters. Basically have to click open every folder and hunt for the word "private". * Ideally a changeset should be modified files and new files as a singluar package. With the current system, new files can be silently checked in to the background as their own changeset, which can cause numerous changesets that should have all been one. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a way to simply have plastic consider any new file under a root directory automatically added to source control (after it passes through ignore.conf, of course)? Thanks in advance for any help! Setup: Latest plastic version with latest VS2013 without the Plastic plug, we use the UI for everything. Win 764bit