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  1. @calbzam do you plan also to implement "light check-out" of only Jenkinsfile instead of creation whole workspace? I think that it should be enough to just use "cm cat" command to retrieve Jenkinsfile into temporary workspace, shouldn't it?
  2. replicatewrite permission for sub-branches

    Perfect. Looking forward to see it released. Thank you.
  3. JIRA - interactive link to changeset

    Is it possible to reference changeset but UID instead of changeset number? In case of distributed workflow cases when changeset numer in local repository is equal to the one in central are very rare.
  4. Hello Is there a way to install client without deinstallation of previous version of PlasticSCM server? For now I noticed that setup always deinstall previous versions of both components (client and server) - even if you select only "client" during setup. Regards
  5. As far as I recall when switching workspace from changset which does not have xLink to changset which contains xLink (or between changsets where xLink was modified) there was an error message and workspace switch failed. But I may be wrong
  6. File download from plastic scm web UI

    This difference for handling binary and text files is a little bit uncomfortable. Especially that even if you wget text file there are some html tags injected into downloaded content. It would be perfect to have easier option to download objects from WebUI - see user-voice: https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/181909-webui/suggestions/9558861-add-download-to-allow-downloading-file-revision-fr PS. Option to be able to download whole content of repo and/or single folder (something like link "Download ZIP" on GitHub) would be also fantastic feature.
  7. Looks that clocking xLink is a nice feature to work (switch between changesets) in case of no connection to server pointed by xLink. Am I right? BTW Is similar option (--cloaked) available in GUI? Preferebly: would be great to have "Update" button extended with possibility to update also cloaked stuff. Optionally: Add option to change "Update" behaviour in options (but this would be definitely much less comfortable - a lot of more clicks to get result) See following user-voice: https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/9216747-add-update-cloaked-and-update-forced-to-item
  8. Nodata replication

    I have just noticed that there is new feature added - nodata replication. I'd like to ask several questions about it: 1) Does feature require both server and client to be updated to latest version? 2) In ReleaseNotes you mentioned that update of workspace will cause data download - what pieces will be downloaded? 3) Is there support in GUI for nodata and hydrate command? 4) Does hydrate of last changeset of main branch allow to work further in local repo (creation of new branches, commits, workspace access)? 5) Does it mean that only data for latests revisions of each object be downloaded to local repo? 6) What will be the result of pushing back branch of which last changeset was hydrated to local repo and in local repo new changesets from tasks branches were added? 7) What will happen if I try to merge my task branch to main branch which was replicated without data and there are conficts detected? Probably new questions will arrive soon It would be great to have some blog post from your side with detailed explanation and different scenarios described Thanks in advance.
  9. master branch name

    Hello Is it possible to force GitServer to use exactly the same name of branch as in PlasticSCM? I have observation that right now /main (in fact we rename /main to /dev in our repositories so /dev) is always mapped as master in GitServer. Is it possible to have it seen as dev?
  10. Please bring back the workspace tabs

    I think that my posts were misunderstood I am fun of current PlasticSCM GUI - drop-down list for workspaces (instead of tabs which were implemented previously) is exactly what I needed.
  11. Hello Is there any CLI command (I haven't found any) which would allow to find a name of current branch parent?
  12. Please bring back the workspace tabs

    You meant "drop-down" system, didn't you? As I wrote - I am opting for current approach (drop-down) instead of tabs. The reason is that for configurations with a lot of workspaces - tabs are so small that it is difficult to see their names. So to select proper workspace it requires to each time go into "Repositories&Workspace" menu.
  13. replicatewrite permission for sub-branches

    Hello Manu Any progress in this area? It will be nearly two years since reporting - it starts to not look good
  14. Path or file name too long

    Hello Sorry for digging out this old thread. Just short question - is problem with long paths solved also for Windows 7. By solved I mean is it possible to use long paths in Win7 (Long Path Tool to just rename is not enough).
  15. Please bring back the workspace tabs

    From my perspective current solution is better - tabs worked fine but up to just few workspaces... I have currently 20 workspaces and drop-down is much more convenient.