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  1. master branch name

    Hello Is it possible to force GitServer to use exactly the same name of branch as in PlasticSCM? I have observation that right now /main (in fact we rename /main to /dev in our repositories so /dev) is always mapped as master in GitServer. Is it possible to have it seen as dev?
  2. Please bring back the workspace tabs

    I think that my posts were misunderstood I am fun of current PlasticSCM GUI - drop-down list for workspaces (instead of tabs which were implemented previously) is exactly what I needed.
  3. Hello Is there any CLI command (I haven't found any) which would allow to find a name of current branch parent?
  4. Please bring back the workspace tabs

    You meant "drop-down" system, didn't you? As I wrote - I am opting for current approach (drop-down) instead of tabs. The reason is that for configurations with a lot of workspaces - tabs are so small that it is difficult to see their names. So to select proper workspace it requires to each time go into "Repositories&Workspace" menu.
  5. replicatewrite permission for sub-branches

    Hello Manu Any progress in this area? It will be nearly two years since reporting - it starts to not look good
  6. Path or file name too long

    Hello Sorry for digging out this old thread. Just short question - is problem with long paths solved also for Windows 7. By solved I mean is it possible to use long paths in Win7 (Long Path Tool to just rename is not enough).
  7. Please bring back the workspace tabs

    From my perspective current solution is better - tabs worked fine but up to just few workspaces... I have currently 20 workspaces and drop-down is much more convenient.
  8. Feature Request: Time-lapse View

    I personally find history 2D view a little bit confusing. What is missing from my side is additional filtering functionality: - limit displayed branches and changsets to ones which have new revisions (additions, deletions and changes) and merges ("display only relevant changsets" is not enough). - there are a lot of changsets with letter U which makes picture unreadable - limit displayed branches and changsets to ones which have new revision of object
  9. Hello Recently we have started to use Jenkins Pipelines in more excesive way. I have currently two observations regarding PlasticSCM: 1) If Pipeline script is taken from repository (e.g. Jenkinsfile) than workspace always gots delated and re-created (probably because at first Jenkins is recreating workspace to "script" folder - to checkout Jenkinsfile and later on back to regular one) 2) It is possible to configure Pipeline to checkout Jenkins file from PlasticSCM repository (PlasticSCM appears on dropdown list). However when job is already configured and you want to reconfigure it only Git and Subversion are seen at job configuration page (current configuration with PlasticSCM is not displayed but is preserved if you do not press Save/Apply).
  10. From my side just a comment/remark. In my opinion PlasticSCM SHALL remove files from workspace when switching to changeset without revisions of such files. In other case it may happen than switching between changesets result with unupdated workspace - and that is not good.
  11. Good that it is at least possible from CLI. However if you work with new GUI it would be nice to such option to context menu of changeset Of course nothing critical - but would be nice to have.
  12. Hello Could you please tell me how to create in GUI top-level branch which will not start from last changeset of /main (or any other) branch? I tried to add new top-level branch to my repo but it looks that this option is available only in menu which shows after righ-clicking at any branch. And in such case new branch is alwayes starting from the last changeset of clicked branch. Thus creation of complately new top-level branch from middle of /main or even from beginning of /main looks to be not possible (at least from GUI - I did not investigate if it is possible from CLI). Could you please add support for such case?
  13. Jenkins Plug-in Problem

    Just a hint which have just come to my mind Possible improvement for Jenkins plugin could be to have some configuration section in "Manage Jenkins"... This configuration could detect presense of conf file in path for jenkins user conext. SImpler option - just display kind of warning with info that client configuration is missing and some hints how to create them manualu Advanced option - parse content of the file and display setting directly in Jenkins with the ability to change them and put back to xml automaticaly by plugin.
  14. replicatewrite permission for sub-branches

    Hello I know that you are focused on 6.0 branch right now, but any progress with this issue? It was reported year and the half ago.
  15. Just checked PlasticSCM Jenkins plugin v2.8 Looks that 'cm' steps now works fine (however no deep testing - just plugin installetion and single checkout). Thanks for your effort.