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  1. Hi, This issue is caused by GitHub having recently restricted inbound connection to use TLSv1.2. We've already fixed this issue and it will be published in the next release, so stay tuned! Regards, Miguel
  2. Also, could you describe us the crashes you mentioned? Is it the client crashing or the server? How do you reproduce the issue?
  3. Hi mengl, Each package manager tool uses a different syntax to install specific versions of packages. You can find detailed information about how to achieve this with apt-get here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/92019/how-to-install-specific-ubuntu-packages-with-exact-version I hope this answers your question! Regards, Miguel
  4. Hi trx, There are no current restrictions regarding reverse proxies. What you are trying to achieve is a great way to enable SSL access to the webadmin page indeed There must be something wrong, though... could you post your nginx configuration? Also, are there any messages in the Plastic SCM server log? Thank you! Regards, Miguel
  5. Hi Xorcist, As far as we know, no compatibility issues have been detected in Ubuntu 16.04+ using our 14.04 repository. Have you experienced any issues? What do you mean by red flags going up? Regards, Miguel
  6. Hi Xorcist, Yes, please use "Ubuntu_14.04" as distro name in the apt-get URIs. Thanks! Miguel
  7. Query Logic (cm find) for Attributes Help

    Glad to hear that! Currently the find documentation can be found here: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/cmfind/plastic-scm-version-control-query-system-guide.shtml I'll notify the team to cover all available operands! Thanks for your feedback Regards, Miguel
  8. Query Logic (cm find) for Attributes Help

    Hi rtansey96, I think your issue can be solved using the 'not' keyword. If you'd like to list all branches that don't have the 'Closed' attribute set (no matter what value), you can run: cm find branches where not attribute = 'Closed' The 'not' operand can be applied to any operation or statement inside the find query. Is this what you were looking for? Regards, Miguel
  9. Hi Raghu, Unfortunately, that functionality is not available at the moment. You can request it at our uservoice website (https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general) and we'll consider it into our development plans if it gets enough traction! Otherwise, please remember that the jenkins Plastic SCM plugin is open source, so you can extend it if you feel courageous enough! https://github.com/jenkinsci/plasticscm-plugin Regards, Miguel
  10. Connection Problem to Jira via SSL

    Hi trx, Glad to hear that! Unfortunately our extensions don't currently support TLSv1.1 or higher, as you finally found out. We'll need to bump up our .NET Framework verson to make it possible. Regarding the URL bug, I'll talk to the development team so we can fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for your feedback! Regards, Miguel
  11. Connection Problem to Jira via SSL

    That's weird, it's the same request used by our JIRA extension. I understood that this is only reproduced when clicking the "Test connection" button, right? Could you click the "accept" button to save that configuration (as we think it should be working), restart Plastic SCM and see if it does as expected? I mean, it retrieves issue titles from JIRA, the branch explorer lists the associated issues to branches, the "Create Branch" dialog shows the pending tasks list... If it doesn't, please share the session log with us so we can continue figuring out what might be wrong. Regards, Miguel
  12. Connection Problem to Jira via SSL

    Hi, Can you perform a GET request against https://yourserver:443/jira/rest/api/2/status using the "Authorization: Basic <username>:<password-in-base64>" header, and share the results with us? Thank you! Regards, Miguel
  13. Connection Problem to Jira via SSL

    Hi trx, Could you attach the complete client log for that session and the jira.conf configuration file contents? You'll need to remove the security data before sharing it with us, of course. Thank you! Regards, Miguel
  14. no tree view(version

    You're welcome! I'm glad it worked out for you. Thanks for your feedback! Regards, Miguel
  15. no tree view(version

    Hi ramesh, Do you mean that it's difficult for you to go and select just the changes under a specific directory when there are hundreds of changed files, or is it just that you're not finding the changes you expected in the pending changes view? If you're looking for a more efficient way to check in only the files under a particular directory, please have in mind that you can filter the results in the pending changes view through the filter entry in the top right corner: just type in the directory path or name so you can narrow down the amount of results. If the expected changes don't appear in the pending changes tree, could you give us more details on your issue? Steps to reproduce it, workspace structure, whether you have a ignored.conf/hidden_changes.conf file, etc. Thank you! Regards, Miguel