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  1. Pending Changes Broken on High Sierra ?

    HI, I'm afraid the current Plastic version doesn't still support High Sierra. We are releasing this week a new version fixing the problems. I will update this post when it's available. Sorry for the inconveniences, Carlos.
  2. Cant connect to repo server from other pc

    Hi, When you open the client configurator "plastic --configure", after entering your server name and port, when you click on the "Check connection" button, it will connect to the server and authomatically detect the server authentication mode. If the server is configured to use user/password, you will be requested to enter your user/password credentials. Please also review that your server is configured to use user/password. You can run "configureserver.exe" to review the server configuration and re-configure it if necessary. Regards, Carlos.
  3. Plastic SCM Plugin for Crucible

    Hi, I'm afraid it's not yet fixed. I will try to push it for near future. Sorry for the inconveniences, Carlos.
  4. Cant connect to repo server from other pc

    Hi, Please open the Plastic configurator "plastic --configure" and try to connect to your "SERVER:port" clicking on the "Check Connection" button. You don't need to create a workspace, a repository or a hardware key to connect to the server. You just need that the client is able to access to this server and port. If the check connection is not working, I would review your network configuration. Multiple computers don't count as multiple users (in terms of licese) if you have configured the same Plastic user. Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hi, I guess you are restarting only the Proxy Server machine but the Plastic server is in a different machine right? If I properly uderstand, after rebooting the proxy serve, it is not starting and you need to manually run the script. It's strange because the same script should be run during the reboot. Are you using the default installation so you haven't customized any script, right? I will run some test in my Ubuntu machine. Regards, Carlos.
  6. Gitsync submodule configuration

    Hi, we are handling this issue via support ticket. We will update the post as soon as we have properly debugged the issue. Regards, Carlos.
  7. Note about ignore.conf in version

    Hi, The rules with: obj/ -->Apply to the folder content but not to itself. If you want to ignore the folder you need to use: obj We are creating new documentation with the last changes we have performed in the rules so everything is clear. We will include some examples. Sorry for the inconveniences, Carlos.
  8. Finding changes in the Workspace

    Hi @limbicnation, I think Manu has been dealing with this problem via gotomeeting and also in parallel a different thread: Can we close the thread? @manu will post the conclusions as soon as possible. Regards, Carlos.
  9. WAN network channel

    No, sorry. Data encryption is not enabled when using UDT. Regards, Carlos.
  10. Solid Edge Integration

    Hi, Each time you commit a file change a new file revision is created. But note that in Plastic, the basic unit is the changet. Every time you modify some files and then you commit the changes (creating a new revisions for these files), you are creating a new changeset. What we do for version number: increment a build number on each successful build: we published a series of blogs posts about it :-) You can label a changeset with the new build number. And you can also include attributes in your workflow: Attributes are user-defined properties that can be applied to Labels, Branches and Changesets. Attributes are created in the Attributes view and then they can be applied to objects with a specific value, different in each case. https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/gui/plastic-scm-version-control-gui-guide.shtml#Chapter11:TheAttributesView For custom notifications, you may take a look into triggers guide: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/triggers/plastic-scm-version-control-triggers-guide.shtml#Update You can create your own trigger based on your workflow but I'm afraid there is not something pre-configured to support this specific scenario with Solid Edge Regards, Carlos.
  11. Hi, not sure if I proprerly understand. if you still have some pending to commit changes, the GUI (by default) doesn't allow you to run an update operation. If you run an update is because you don't have any pending to commit change and you can easily revert to the previous status by switching your workspace to the previous changeset. In your scenario, if after running an update you got lots of not needed files, from the Branch explorer, you can switch to the changeset you were wokring before and this way your workspace will be reverted to the previous status. Regards, Carlos.
  12. Hi, Could you explain a bit more your workflow and why you need to perform this operation? You should be able to switch your workspace back to the previous branch/changeset you were working before. But there is not a specific "undo udpate" operation. Regards, Carlos.
  13. WAN network channel

    Ups, yes, I think I missed this option. @Johan Ung, there's an additional feature you should check, although it won't be useful in every scenario: UDT based data transfer. It works only on windows-windows scenarios, but it is really good for high-bandwidth and high-latency networks. In order to enable the feature, you will need to create a UDT channel in the "remoting.conf" of your servers and clients: - Server: "remoting.conf" (add the following channel). <channel type="PlasticPipe.Remoting.Udt.UdtChannel, plasticpipe" port="1024" name="udt"> <serverProviders> <formatter type = "PlasticPipe.Remoting.PlasticBinaryServerFormatterSinkProvider, plasticpipe" typeFilterLevel="Full" Compression="sinklevel" SerializationObjectsAtSink="true" BufferPoolMax="10"/> <provider type = "Codice.CM.Server.ExceptionTracerSinkProvider, servercommon" /> </serverProviders> <clientProviders> <provider type="PlasticPipe.Remoting.ClientSinkProvider, plasticpipe" /> <formatter ref="binary" /> </clientProviders> </channel> - Client "remoting.conf" (add the following channel). <channel type="PlasticPipe.Remoting.Udt.UdtChannel, plasticpipe" name="udt"> <clientProviders> <provider type="PlasticPipe.Remoting.ClientSinkProvider, plasticpipe" /> <formatter ref="binary" /> </clientProviders> </channel> After configuring the UDT channels and restarting your server and client, you can run the following command to confirm it's properly enabled and your server is listening in that port: cm lrep udt://localhost:1024 In order to use this feature, you need to refer to the server (for instance when running a replica) as : udt://SERVER:port PD: You may find also useful the following feature we relased with Plastic SCM [New] Now the checkin operation can upload the data in parallel to a standard server (not Cloud server). By default, a single uploader is used. For example: to use 5 uploaders, add the following entry in the "client.conf" file: <Upload_SendDataThreadCount>5</Upload_SendDataThreadCount> Remember that the checkin operation was already uploading the data in parallel to the Cloud server. By default, the number blob writers used is 10 and it can be configured using the entry <NumBlobWriters>10</NumBlobWriters> in the client.conf. Regards, Carlos.
  14. PlasticSCM WebUI

    Hi @diegohb, you should be able to use a different machine to installe the WebUI. The problem is, as Manu said, the WebUI current version is not currenlty working. We will update the ticket as soon it's fixed. Regards, Carlos.
  15. Plastic Change Tracker feedback

    Hi, we already released the following fix: [New] editing text files with some IDEs (e.g. Visual Studio) the target file is moved to a temporary path and then the new contents are written into the original path while the previous (renamed) file is deleted. Now, the Plastic Change Tracker acknowledges this workflow and shows the edited files as changed, instead of a private file on the original path and locally deleted file on the temporary path. Regards, Carlos.