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  1. Hi Jake, I'm afraid Manu is not available this week. If you write to "support@codicesoftware.com", we can continue debugging the issue. It seems there is a problem with this specific changeset. If you cannot edit the comment, deleting the changeset may also workaround the problem. Regards, Carlos.
  2. calbzam

    Can't unlock files on Cloud

    Hi Brian, No sorry, you will need to release the locks one by one with "cm unlock". Regards, Carlos.
  3. Hi, We have already created a task to fix this problem. I will update this ticket as soon as the fix is available. Sorry for the inconveniences, Carlos.
  4. calbzam

    Conflict when merging using XLink

    Hi, Let me share with the team. We may be able handle this scenario in a better way. But it sounds like a very corner case scenario, right? Is it common in your workflow having different branches pointing to the same Xlinked changeset and then run a merge between them? Regards, Carlos.
  5. calbzam

    GitSync Error at end of process

    Hi, Could you open a ticket at support@codicesoftware.com with your license related questions? We will assist you with your specific case. Regards, Carlos.
  6. calbzam

    GitSync Error at end of process

    Hi, - If the goal is just to migrate the repo, you could also use "cm fast-export" in Plastic and then "git fast-import": https://git-scm.com/docs/git-fast-import https://www.plasticscm.com/features/plasticscm-for-git-users.html - I'm afraid GitServer is not available for Plastic 5. But if you have a v7 license (in a different server I guess), you can try it. - I can see you are attaching a server log in the last comment. GitSync is a client side operation so we would need to the client log to debug the sync error against BitBucket. It seems to be a different error message than before. Regards, Carlos.
  7. calbzam

    Tree view issue with hierarchical repository names

    Hi, I guess you are using MySQL and it seems we are not properly showing the same error message as we do with Jet. Let me share with the team as I think it should be handled the same way as Jet. Regards, Carlos.
  8. calbzam

    GitSync Error at end of process

    Hi, I'm not able to reproduce the issue with your export and syncing against a new VSO git repo. Is the issue reproducible if you try the sync again? Is it possible for you to run a test syncing against a test GitHub repo? It would help us to isolate the problem to something related to the VSO configuration. Do you want to use GitSync or you just need to migrate the repo from Plastic to git? Regards, Carlos. PD: Not sure if you are aware of GitServer. It could be also useful in your scenario: https://www.plasticscm.com/gitserver/
  9. calbzam

    Tree view issue with hierarchical repository names

    Hi, - You can check in the webadmin --> Repository storage https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide.shtml#Chapter6:webadmin-Serverconfigurationandadministration - You can also check in the "server" folder the content of the following files: "db.conf" and "jet.conf". Regards, Carlos.
  10. calbzam

    Tree view issue with hierarchical repository names

    Hi, If I try to rename a root repository into a module, I'm getting the following error. It's not possible to convert a root repository into modules. What is the database backend you are using? Are you using Jet? Regards, Carlos.
  11. calbzam

    How to branch back into the parent branch?

    3) If you need to switch to a different branch and also run a merge, you will need to run the two operations. Actually, this is the default merge scenario (switch to the destination branch + run the merge). Regards, Carlos.
  12. calbzam

    How to branch back into the parent branch?

    Hi, By default, before you run a merge you will need to switch your workspace to merge destination branch. Under the "Advanced merge" --> "merge from this branch to". The merge-to doesn't require to switch your workspace to the destination. We have recently improved the merge-to feature so it now supports conflict resolution. Please check the following link: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2018/03/workspace-less-merge-to.html Regards, Carlos.
  13. calbzam

    GitSync Error at end of process

    I cannot see the attachment. You can upload the file to Google Drive (or similar) and send the link to: suport@codicesoftware.com
  14. calbzam

    How to branch back into the parent branch?

    Hi, 3. Switch workspace to /main 4. Right-click "/main/my-task-1" --> Merge from this branch. You may find useful out evaluation guide where we explain some of the key concepts in the Plastic SCM workflow: https://www.plasticscm.com/evaluation-guide/ Regards, Carlos.
  15. calbzam

    Read-only archive version

    Well, you would need a license for the server to run, but the read-only operations will not consume an extra license spot. Anway, the same users from your production server will be accessing the second server, right? So you can use the same license file. If you need an extra read-only user, you will be able to use it without paying extra for it. Regards, Carlos.