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    Can't add item

    Figured it out. Had to go to: - Explore Workspace > Configure - The ignore.conf that is on the server was un-checked (i.e. unloaded), and the ignore.conf I had locally was checked. - I backed up my local ignore.conf - Checked (loaded) the ignore.conf that was only on the server to pull it down locally. - Then copied my backed up ignore.conf into this loaded ignore.conf. - Then checked in my changes to ignore.conf.
  2. Bradley

    Can't add item

    I'm trying to checkin my ignore.conf. When I do so I get the following error: "Cannot be added because there is another item loaded in the same location in the server." How do I fix this? Thanks, Brad
  3. Bradley

    View changeset history

    I know you can view the changeset history of a file, but is there a way to view the history of changes for a given changeset? For example, in git you can view the history of a commit and see all the files added, removed, modified, or merged for that commit. If this is not possible, I would definitely love to see this feature added. I guess it could be like an "update report" but instead of just showing the last update, you can view individual reports for each changeset. Thanks, Brad