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    Cant connect to repo server from other pc

    I use it from home(On a desktop) and purchased a laptop for when I'm at college. Plastic scm only says "Cannot retrieve license information" on my laptop, while my desktop repository functions perfectly fine. I can scan and find my repository perfectly fine through local udp, but I can't actually connect and I get that license error. If I recall correctly I got the same error trying to connect to the laptop. Port is closed when trying to connect from a different network, and I triple checked my network configuration. I may have slipped up on the port or ip address of my system but I shouldn't be getting those errors when locally connecting. I even switched over to my main router, incase of conflict but I never had that issue with other server port forwarding(worth a try). One thing to note is the laptop is also hosting a server in the background, which I do not want it to do; so maybe a laptop fresh install will be the best route now that I'm aware of some other things.
  2. aesthetic

    Cant connect to repo server from other pc

    I'm pretty sure I'm missing some sort of verification to connect to the default repository on the server. Any form of port forwarding I'm missing? Windows firewall? Not even UDP local network allows me to link my client to the server. Do I need 2 users if one is (probably)constantly in use on the server?
  3. aesthetic

    Cant connect to repo server from other pc

    The server is 100% on user/admin yet it only uses credentials? Is it just pretending to be connected?
  4. aesthetic

    Cant connect to repo server from other pc

    The server uses username/password but my client configuration tool only uses computer username for verification. I'm pretty sure I was actually connecting to my laptops own server, which is weird. Both "servers" have the exact same name and that might explain why I thought I was connected. How do I configure the client configurator to use username and password rather than the windows pc name?
  5. aesthetic

    Cant connect to repo server from other pc

    I disconnected my secondary router and ran my repository server through the main router. It worked perfectly fine for connecting and connecting from other locations. Now I have a problem where my repository and all it's data will not load, but it claims it is connected and on that servers repository. Not entirely sure what to do here or if I am missing something. It automatically connects and is connected to default repository (which is not actually the name of my repository I branched on) Do I need to do a sync view?
  6. I'm trying to join a repo server from my laptop through the client configurator and the main server is not being recognised. Do I need to make a completely new workspace and repository to connect to a local network server? Did I not properly port forward? Do I need a hardware key to join? I've already set unity for use with plastic scm I'm just having detection issues. I have it set to username and password for authentication and the server is ran on my windows desktop. Also, do multiple computers count as multiple users? I'm also running two seperate routers connected to each other(hence the local ip of Might that be conflicting?