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    Query Logic (cm find) for Attributes Help

    Yes! Thank you very much. This works like a charm. Is there any sort of documentation regarding these Querys? I'm unfamiliar if it is something Plastic has made in-house or if it something already out there. The only documentation I found on the website had few examples, but wasn't very robust. @mig
  2. rtansey96

    Query Logic (cm find) for Attributes Help

    Also, if != does exist, but doesn't show branches because they simply don't have one assigned at all, is there a way to check if a branch has no attribute?
  3. In order to filter out branches that have been merged and/or abandoned (like test branches), I was looking into attributes as they seemed like the easiest way to have a blanket identifier for this kind of flag. I am able to easily add a "find branches where attribute='Closed' " to find the closed branches, but how can I do the inverse of this? I would like to have a filter that shows everything with an attribute != 'Closed". I know I could add an attribute to everything, mark it as "1" and set "0" as the "hide" options, but that requires every branch to be updated and modified. Only on finished code reviews should an attribute be appended in order to keep the workflow easy. Does anyone have any knowledge about Query statement logic and syntax? The documentation only shows "=" examples. Thank you!