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    macOS fail to get trial license

    Message sent.
  2. rudifa

    macOS fail to get trial license

    Hello @Manu, I just tried to post a message containing my email address to you at http://www.plasticscm.net/profile/112-manu/ but the response was "manu cannot receive messages." How can I DM to you?
  3. rudifa

    macOS fail to get trial license

    Hello, I downloaded and installed semanticmerge app for mac. Tried to start it for 2-way merge: $ /Applications/semanticmerge.app/Contents/MacOS/semanticmerge -s can_dcan.c -d can_ecan.c App came up with "semanticmerge license information" dialog, saying "“Your license does not support this language. Please get a trial license or purchase a new one.” Clicked on button "Get Trial" App returned a popup saying “Get license not succeeded” So, how can I get the trial license? My machine ID is 2610072b39a98de27bff5f24492c4811 Thanks rudifa