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  1. Kevin Swanson

    Problem parsing source file - semantic diff

    Semantic diff is giving an error "There was a problem parsing the source file". Is there somewhere I can find the error logs so that I can share them to get some help on the issue? I've attached the file
  2. Kevin Swanson

    Disable create child branch manual

    We are looking to integrate plastic with one of the supported issue trackers. We notice that bugzilla has a nice feature called Enforcing Task Exsistence. I think it may be possible to enforce task existence another way, by disabling the manual button behind create child branch, leaving from task as the only and default option. Is it possible to disable the create child branch from manual option via configuration? I think that having this be a configuration item would give the rest of the issue tracker integrations more functionality as they would be able to enforce task existence for branch creation by toggling create child branch from manual off.
  3. Hi @manu, Are there any plans to bring the SemanticMerge features into Plastic SCM with a future release?
  4. It feels to me like SemanticMerge belongs in PlasticSCM. One using PlasticSCM gets teased by SemanticDiff, but then when going to merge we are left desiring the SemanticMerge features.
  5. I find many mentions of Semantic Method History in the sales documentation (# 3 in this link: https://www.plasticscm.com/features/semantic-version-control.html) How can I access this feature from withing the the plastic SCM GUI? A link to GUI documentation that instructs how to use it would be great.