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  1. The server spec is not correct:

    We are using Unity 2017.1.1p1 but the source control panel is different...so below We only have the issue when we add .unity & .unity.meta to the lock rules and try to save out a scene file. We then get the error. Steven
  2. The server spec is not correct:

    We have just switched from perforce to plastic and we are also experiencing this issue. Is there a fix for it?
  3. Permissions

    Worked this out now so all working great! Cheers
  4. Permissions

    Hi, I've managed to kill the permissions of one of our repositories, now I can't see it at all in the client view. How do I change the permissions of it, if I dont have access to it? Is there a super/admin user to do this? I'm kinda new to Plastic so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Steven