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  1. Right management and default group

    Hi, ok, thanks, it work and it's ok for me.
  2. Right management and default group

    we have a strange behavior with right management in our plastic cloud. when we add a member in our interface new member is automatically added to developers group. it's confusing and it's not the expected behaviour. is it possible to have no group by default at all when we add a member ? keeping mandatory to also add member manually by ourself ? or must we make a work around ?
  3. hello, i'm looking to do exactly that. i presume it's "cm switch br:/main/Artist-Work" now because stb is marked "deprecated" But theses commands do also a full update with switch Is there any way to do that without updating branch to let artist configure their partial update with gluon ? or must they download all repo in theses cases only to not be on main ? thanks.
  4. Cloud Server Side Triggers

    What about now ? is triggers are possible now with cloud ? if yes, where i can find some doc and examples ? (i saw Triggers guide, but part about webtriggers is not fully understandable for me) i don't understand well webtriggers, is it possible to reject checkins with thems ? thanks.