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  1. "Global" Changeset IDs?

    Why don't you label the changesets with good builds? Then the folders can be named after the build number.
  2. "Global" Changeset IDs?

    Hi, Yes, use the GUIDs, they are unique globally :-)
  3. Not a fan of the new Branch Explorer UI

    Hi @Xorcist, Really sorry to read this since I really love the new design. The previous one had been around since 2010 or so, and we really wanted to try something different. I'm writing a blogpost now and I really prefer drawing the new look for the changesets, branches and everything. Please, give it an opportunity . I hope you will love it as much as we do once you get used to it
  4. Cannot Undo Changes

    The only thing that comes to my mind is some issue with the file dates. Go to settings, and set the "Check content (hash) ..." and let's see if it goes better... (temporarily, I don't recommend setting this flag if not necessary because it slows down things). We are not aware of issues with 1765 (which is quite old, by the way, since we are in the final stages of pre 7.0)
  5. Cli status for moved items in a changeset

    If I understand correctly, I think all you need is cm diff cset and then you see a list of diffs, right? Like cm diff 7005436 C "01plastic\bin\pnunit\obs-debian-ubuntu-cloud.conf" A "01plastic\install\osc\plasticrepos\stable\plasticscm-server-complete\plasticscm-server-complete.dsc" M "01plastic\install\osc\plasticrepos\plasticscm-common\plasticscm-mono4.6" "01plastic\install\osc\plasticrepos\labs\plasticscm-mono4.6" M "01plastic\install\osc\plasticrepos\plasticscm-common\plasticscm-libuv" "01plastic\install\osc\plasticrepos\labs\plasticscm-libuv"
  6. Use cm to find the operation applied to a revision path

    Hi @karmakat! You can use cm diff to do that. Does it do what you expect??
  7. Disable create child branch manual

    Tasks under 1000 will be changed?? Not sure what you mean. scm007 is task 7, yes. You can strip the branch prefix part, and the rest is a number. In c# int.parse() will do, and depending on the language there will be a bunch of options. Can we disable manual branch creation? Yes, we can. Let's see if this request gets more traction/interest from others too and then we can decide to go ahead and code it.
  8. Plastic SCM and Citrix

    Plastic client preferences are stored under AppData/Local/plastic4 Mine: C:\Users\pablo\AppData\Local\plastic4
  9. Disable create child branch manual

    Ouch! No, no. I mean, if you create branch SCM1213 it means this is task 1213. That's all. Not sure where the stripping comes from :-)
  10. Disable create child branch manual

    Hi, The branch name is what you are looking for: the "scm007" thing is exactly how we link things. As easy as it gets :-) You know when we link to an issue tracker we stick to a very simple convention: prefix + task number. In your case it seems it is scm + 007=> so 007 is your number. Bugzilla: we have this for bugzilla because it IMPLEMENTS it, and the ruby script thing is something they define, not something on our side. We provided the code as a way to create the integration, but Ruby is not something Plastic uses internally at all if that's what you are asking :-) Other issue trackers don't have such a thing and that's why we don't provide it. What you would like to have is some sort of setting in the issue trackers configuration saying "only show branch creation from tasks" at the same level as "apply binding to". We'll try to do it. Looks good but don't sure if others will really need it. If you don't mind, it would be really useful if you add this request to our UserVoice: https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general Thanks! pablo
  11. Code Review Confusion

    Code reviews in Plastic are not centralized unless you create them in the central server, but they reach the central server when you push. I mean: I create a code review from my task on my server and I push to central => code review goes to central. But, no, they do not work as a GitHub pull request, I'm afraid. We have to implement a bunch of improvements in Code Reviews to make them better. You can always use the central server as the rendezvous point for reviews, that's true, and we even have a web interface for them if you install the webui (check with support).
  12. Add Replication Source (without previous pull)?

    There is one trick that you probably already know but can help: After that (not sure) you can probably see replication sources from this server.
  13. Add Replication Source (without previous pull)?

    And you want the replication source for ? I guess to add it to the Branch Explorer?? Otherwise, you can always go to the repos view, list their server, see their branch explorer (if firewalls and network permit). By the way, we have something in (eternal) beta called Tube, which is probably interesting for you in case devs are distributed: https://www.plasticscm.com/features/tube.html
  14. Disable create child branch manual

    Hey @Kevin Swanson Why don't you go for a before-mkbranch trigger? https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/triggers/plastic-scm-version-control-triggers-guide.shtml#Createbranch You can customize whatever check you need in your code, like making sure the associated task exists, or it is assigned, or whatever. Yes, we could add *another* setting to hide the option to show the regular branch creation and force users to go for "task branch creation" but ... well, it means even another setting that will be hard to find for almost everyone... and you will like to skip it anyway to create release branches and the like that won't stick to the task naming convention anyway. In case we go down this path we should also make it globally configurable (so you configure the setting globally and pushed to all clients consistently - https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide.shtml#Globalfileconfiguration). Hope it works with the trigger, let me know what you think :-) pablo
  15. Plastic Service cannot be started

    Hi, The license can't be loaded. That's the issue. Now, the thing is to find out how this server got there :-) There's nothing to do with registry keys or anything (we don't store any sensitive data in the registry), it can be related to the plasticd.lic file, or the license token if you are using one. Did you have a previously working license? If so, try to set it up temporarily. You can also try to skip using the "token" (for renewals) and just place a plasticd.lic file in the server binaries location (where the log files are). Hope it helps!