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  1. psantosl

    Server Errors Log ERROR Channel

    We'll double check, but it can be simply a log issue, I believe.
  2. psantosl

    Server Errors Log ERROR Channel

    Hi @SilverKnight If I'm not mistaken, the new plasticprotocol started being default in 6.0. Now, the old remoting protocol is only the default if your clients are too old, or if they have a plasticpipeprotocol.conf file, which I doubt. Check the debug log to see more info of these errors, let's see if we find out what is going on. pablo
  3. psantosl

    cm find ordering or sort?

    Hi, But if you look here you'll see a few examples of how to post-process the query results with sort or powershell 🙂 https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/cmfind/plastic-scm-version-control-query-system-guide.shtml#Branchesnotfullyintegrated
  4. @Borja Any idea why this can be happening?
  5. psantosl

    The new tree cannot be built

    Hi, Let's try to focus on the initial issue, since I'm sure Office is not related. You can send the log of your server. pablo
  6. psantosl

    The new tree cannot be built

    Hi Reiner, We are going to need the stack trace in order to debug this. I talked to the team and we don't have a clue of what can be going on. Thanks! pablo
  7. psantosl

    The new tree cannot be built

    Hi Reiner, We're going to look into it. pablo
  8. Hi, Yes, as manu explained, we can't actually decrypt your data. Your data leaves your server encrypted, is stored encrypted in the cloud, and is only decrypted when it returns to your server. In case you DO have the cryptedservers.conf file and the .key files in one of the machines locally, we can help you recovering the password in plain text, but this password is never in our Cloud server. Hope it helps, pablo
  9. psantosl

    Trying to clean up server repository

    Hi, What backend are you using? Jet? SQL Server? Thanks, pablo
  10. psantosl

    Lock Rules Question

    Hi @dsg I'm afraid we don't support this at the moment. We do it for Plastic Cloud Edition, though. No big reason why not, I mean, we must implement it... :S pablo
  11. psantosl

    Plastic 7.x incredibly slow?

    Hi all, Thanks to Wolfram we found an issue in a log setting we changed in 7.0. The client log is set to lockingModel type="log4net.Appender.FileAppender+MinimalLock Which is making some antivirus to go nuts and incredibly downgrade performance. We are going to change it in the official release. If you find this issue, you can edit your plastic.log.conf, or cm.log.conf and modify it to be like appender name="FileAppender" type="log4net.Appender.FileAppender" Case closed 🙂
  12. > Just adding "*.jpg" to cloaked.conf will work for existing assets, > BUT it will prevent any future *.jpg that is added from showing up > in Pending Changes (so it can never be committed!). [pablo] Well, yes, just to make it crystal clear, the goal of cloaked is: * Don't download stuff in cloaked.conf (great for avoiding big stuff). * If you have something in your workspace already, don't bother updating it. So, it is not a bug or anything, it is *meant* to work this way. > As I understand, the workaround is to temporarily remove the cloaked.conf > entry, which makes new (and changed) files appear in the Pending Changes. > However, even then it's rather complicated to have our modellers open a > text editor to manually aund temporarily modify this file (or remember to > do this via the right-click context menu). [pablo] Yes, editing cloaked.conf this way is definitely crazy for modellers (or anyone). Not meant to be used this way, definitely. > In the real world, this will get forgotten (which results > in textures not being committed, and this missing from the repo), > or the modified cloaked.conf will be accidentally be committed > as well without noticing, forcing all users that update to > involuntarily download all textures - which is exactly what > we're trying to prevent. Or they will forget they have a locally > modified cloaked.conf - which also forces a download of all > previously cloaked textures on the next update. [pablo] Yes, I agree. > With Unity, having the *.meta-Files in sync with the main > assets is also vital. [pablo] Not sure if you knew this, but when you checkin, Gluon always warns you if the associated meta is not selected. Not sure if it is related, but thought it was good to mention. Unity plugin also does it, but we built this into Gluon too. > In the real world, people will forget to also add/remove > the *.meta-Files from cloak, leading to problems that are > difficult to trace, and which can cause dangerous > inconsistencies (=multiple IDs for the same object, > lost references, ...) [pablo] Agreed. > - Not adding a catch-all "*.jpg" to cloaked.conf, but instead > commit the textures normally, and only then add them explicitly > (or their directory, which is usually unique per model and > contains all relevant textures) seems another way to go. > However, again, people will - per definition - forget they have > to modify cloaked.conf as well after changing/adding a model. > Also, this approach seems to require TWO commits per change: > first, commit the model with all textures, THEN modify cloaked.conf > (as the new textures cannot be committed if they are already covered by cloaked.conf). [pablo] Yes. > - More importantly, it seems impossible to locally update or modify > any assets that are listed in cloaked.conf - at all. I couldn't > even get the "cm.exe upd --cloaked" workaround to do that. > And here, even the "locally modified cloaked.conf" is not > working - even when removing these files from cloaked.conf, > they are still invisible for updates. [pablo] I don't follow this last part: I will double check if cm update --cloaked is broken, but it sounds weird. Finally: * Definitely cloaked.conf is not meant to be continuously edited this way. * It "could" be somehow automated with triggers... but if you really need that, you are better served building your own tool on top of Plastic and doing all the cloaking/uncloaking behind the scenes (we have seen this several times by tools teams in big game studios, building their on thing on top of the plastic "cm partial" - telltale did that, to mention one). * We also have something called "transformable workspaces" https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide.shtml?term=transformable#Chapter17:Transformableworkspaces which could help, but again, it is more something you configure once (or often, but not continuously). * So, I think you are better served by Gluon + configuration - we can probably add what you need (what we mentioned in http://www.plasticscm.net/topic/20563-selectingdeselecting-many-directories-with-gluon/?tab=comments#comment-38151) or, at last resort, some sort of script on top of "cm partial" to do what you need (like a small program or something). Thanks! pablo
  13. psantosl

    Selecting/deselecting many directories with Gluon

    Hi Wolfram and Mikael, Wolfram, I was talking to the team to try to find out the best solution. I think we are close to have exactly what you want: basically you want to be able to select what to load in Gluon based on a given pattern. So, it would be great if you go to Configure, select something (like *.jpg), and then have a button or something saying "select to load", so when you click it, you go to "configure back" and you can apply the configuration. Sounds good enough? pablo
  14. psantosl

    Plastic 7.x incredibly slow?

    Hi again, We see the Branch Explorer is slower, and @vsanchezm confirms is not a threading issue. She's going to look deeper into it. Now, we are NOT able to reproduce the most important problem: slower pending changes. We are unable to reproduce it (which matches with our belief, because we didn't make changes on that area, although we might be mistaken). Perf is high prio for us, so any other feedback is welcome. Thanks, pablo
  15. psantosl

    Not a fan of the new Branch Explorer UI

    Hi @nqramjets, Thanks for reaching out! Ok, we can change the default color for the merge links. I don't like the pastel one either :-P. Now, on the selection color: for ages we just used some blending. You know what: almost anybody understood it. Now multiselection is quite clear, and selection is also in most cases. I understand the best option is to enable custom colors for more elements. Would you guys mind sharing this in our UserVoice and proposing something as specific as possible? Thanks! pablo