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  1. miryamgsm

    Semantic Merge missing file from setup package?

    Hi @Jason H, Happy to announce a new release of SemanticMerge! It includes the fix for your reported issue related to the svg assembly. https://users.semanticmerge.com/releasenotes/ Thanks again for all your great feedback. Best regards, Míryam
  2. Hi all, A new release of Plastic/Jenkins plugin with the 'lightweight checkout' feature is already available (2.13). https://plugins.jenkins.io/plasticscm-plugin Thanks for the report. Best regards, Míryam
  3. Not at all. Thanks again for your great feedback Best regards, Míryam
  4. Hi Mikael, Sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for your feedback. Regarding the issues, Issue 1: The changeset number is not filled/drawn in the GUI. * I am able to reproduce the issue with a git repo. * It is a bug in the Blue Ocean plugin: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-46521 Issue 2: If a build includes multiple changesets, it will only render one of them when clicking in the detail. * The next release will contain the fix. Best regards, Míryam
  5. miryamgsm

    Removed features in new code review GUI

    Hi! Thank you for your feedback! We'll release a fix as soon as possible. Regarding the splitter preview problem, it's a well-known issue caused by having WPF and WinForms controls at the same time. We intend to port the whole application to WPF in the future, which will make the problem disappear. Sorry for the inconveniences. Best regards, Míryam
  6. miryamgsm

    Use of 'name' attribute in YAML container.

    Perfect! Regarding the license, you need a specific license for external language if you want to save the result file. Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything you may need. Best regards, Míryam
  7. miryamgsm

    Use of 'name' attribute in YAML container.

    Hi Gerard, It sounds good! The name of the declaration (container or terminal node) is required but you can set a default value. SemanticMerge uses this field for two purposes: * identify the declaration and show it on GUI. * improve the matching declaration process; it tries to match declarations with the same name (of course, they must be the same type), otherwise it tries by similitude. In other words, when you specify the name of the declarations you make the matching process easier but this is not always possible. Please, write us if you need a trial license for the external languages Best regards, Míryam
  8. miryamgsm

    Bug - Keyboard shortcuts in Differences window do not work

    Hi Dan, It works fine on my windows 7 box and my windows 8 box. Could you review if you have any differences? What is your operative system? When do you reproduce the bug, always or in special circumstance? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Míryam
  9. Great! Thanks for your kind cooperation. Regards, Míryam
  10. miryamgsm

    Is there a "choose destination everywhere" option?

    Hi! Usually, you can perform this option through the control version system. Anyway, please add your suggestion to the uservoice forum to share it with the other users! The uservoice forum is here: http://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/196398-mergebegins Best regards, Míryam
  11. Hi Michel, Your suggestion is really interesting, it was added to our roadmap. Please, could you include your suggestion to the uservoice forum to share it with the other users? The uservoice forum is here: http://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/196398-mergebegins Best regards, Míryam
  12. miryamgsm

    Unlimited License

    Hi Michael, Thanks for your interest in SemanticMerge! Yes, right now if you purchase an unlimited license it will include the upgrades to the future versions. Most likely we will have to change this in the future and do something like: * Free updates on the same version (like if you purchase 1.0 you get all the updates until we go for 2.0) * Special discount when upgrading to newer versions. But right now, since we didn't define this policy yet, if you purchase we will keep you always updated. Best regards Míryam
  13. miryamgsm

    Beta tester license update

    Sure, count on your free license! Please, write an email to "sm at codicesofware dot com" and send us your SemanticMerge user account in order to generate the new license. Regards, Míryam
  14. miryamgsm

    Unable to diff shelved files in P4v

    Hi, I'm not able to get the problem reproduced When I invoke semanticmerge with the following line, it works fine! semanticmergetool.exe -s=C:\example\CSharp\SomeCSharpFile.cs#65 -d=C:\example\CSharp\SomeCSharpFile.cs@=418368 -l=csharp Could you send me the semanticmerge log when you perform the p4 command? The file to configure the log is named semantic.log.conf and you can find it under the installation directory: "C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Local\PlasticSCM4\semanticmerge". It should be set to the DEBUG level. Thanks in advance. Míryam
  15. miryamgsm

    Diff with Mercurial/TortoiseHg

    Hi all, We have improved the instructions to configure SemanticMerge with Mercurial, it is available here: http://www.semanticmerge.com/sm-guides/main.shtml#HowtoconfigurewithMercurial For example, this is the mercurial configuration to launch the semanticmerge tool for csharp files and to set the kdiff3 tool as the default tool. [extensions] extdiff = [extdiff] cmd.semanticdiff = C:\Users\mgomez.CODICE\AppData\Local\PlasticSCM4\semanticmerge\semanticmergetool.exe opts.semanticdiff = -s=$parent -d=$child [merge-tools] semantic.executable = C:\Users\mgomez.CODICE\AppData\Local\PlasticSCM4\semanticmerge\semanticmergetool.exe semantic.premerge=False semantic.binary=False semantic.args=-b=$base -s=$other -d=$local -r=$output -l=csharp semantic.gui=True semantic.checkconflicts=True kdiff3.executable = C:\Program Files\KDiff3\kdiff3.exe kdiff3.args = $base $local $other -o $output [merge-patterns] **.cs = semantic **.** = kdiff3 [diff-patterns] **.cs = semanticdiff **.** = kdiff3 [tortoisehg] vdiff = semanticdiff [ui] username = Miryam <mgomez@codicesoftware.com> merge = semantic verbose = True Best regards, Míryam