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MacPlastic and accented characters

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i work with plastic both on windows and mac.


Some of the files filenames on the repo contains accented characters... :-( 


when updating my workspace on mac files with accented filenames are correcly downloaded on correcly named on the mac.


But when i get pending changelist on the mac, i can find all my accented filenames indicated as changed or moved or deleted. Even if i never changed them. Moreover, every update of the workspace download these files.


Any clue to solve that problem ?


Thanks by advance.





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I'm sorry but I can't reproduce your issue with a couple of files called "fóo.c" and "bár.c".


Can you tell me more details of the issue?



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Hello for the delay, i was in a rush mode !


What i can tell you is that for instance i have a file named : "Visite 1 échographie apicale 4 cavités.AVI" that is always updated, Even after the previous update. And after update i can find a new .private file with same name that is indicated as Moved Item or Deleted Item if i check pending changes...


And i have this behaviour for a lot of files which names contains accented characters.


It seems like mac make a copy of the original file (with the same read name) but maybe the unicode character of the file are not the same and that's why plastic sees a change where no change occured...


Hope that it will help you to help me :-)



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