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Creation of top-level branch starting at non-last changeset

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Could you please tell me how to create in GUI top-level branch which will not start from last changeset of /main (or any other) branch?

I tried to add new top-level branch to my repo but it looks that this option is available only in menu which shows after righ-clicking at any branch.

And in such case new branch is alwayes starting from the last changeset of clicked branch.

Thus creation of complately new top-level branch from middle of /main or even from beginning of /main looks to be not possible (at least from GUI - I did not investigate if it is possible from CLI).

Could you please add support for such case?

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Hi Misieq,

you are right, the top level branch creation using the GUI is restricted to the latest changeset of the base branch.

You should use the CLI for this, the "mkbranch" command is able to select the parent changeset:

cm mkbr br:/Production --changeset=27


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Good that it is at least possible from CLI.

However if you work with new GUI it would be nice to such option to context menu of changeset :)

Of course nothing critical - but would be nice to have.

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Hi @Knapsu,

I'm afraid it's still not supported, you can easily add the idea to our user voice site: https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general, if it gets enough traction we will implement it.

Right now you might be interested in extending the Plastic SCM GUI by using the custom actions for the Plastic SCM branch object: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2017/12/introducing-plastic-scm-external-tools-actions.html, it would be something like "Create top level branch from..." for a branch or a changeset object, you can retrieve the list of changesets (using the "cm find" tool) if a branch is selected and display them to the user, once a changeset is selected you can use use the "cm" mkbr command in order to create the top level branch. If a changeset is selected you can directly create the top level branch from it.

I know it's not a "native" feature and I guess you would rather prefer to have it developed by us but we are 100% focused on the 2018 roadmap: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2018/04/2018-backlog.html, and this is a fast way for you to have it working, makes sense?

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