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Plastic SCM Plugin for Crucible

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Okay, so here is my current dilemma (and PLEASE bear with me, as my Linux experience is minimal).  I inherited a Systems Administrator position in which we had Atlassian Jira installed on Ubuntu 14.04.  They wanted it upgraded to the newest release of Ubuntu, and they wanted a bunch more Atlassian products to go along with it.  In a test environment, I've cloned our Jira Server and upgraded it to Ubuntu 16.04.  ALL works well.  I've been able to install Bamboo, Confluence, Crucible, TeamCity, etc, and they've been tested to work perfectly.

I have Plastic SCM installed on a Windows 2012 R2 Server.  I have Crucible installed on a Linux VM (Ubuntu 16.04).  I have a Test Repository setup on our Plastic Server, for our group to test on.

However, when I try to install the Plastic SCM Plugin on Crucible, it breaks something.  And I've found NO instructions online to install or troubleshoot this Plugin installation.  So here are the steps I take and the errors that I run into.


I'm running Crucible 4.4.0 (the most recent version).
I'm using the most recent Crucible Plugin (vs 4.2).

I go to my Administration screen.  
Click "Manage Add-Ons."
I upload the add-on.
I check to see that it's enabled.
I add the repository (and doublecheck the port/hostname/repository)
When i click repositories, it does not show up on my list of "Plugins." 

Then, when I restart the server to make sure the plugin is installed and configured, I get the following error:

An error has occurred:
Error calling server:com.google.gwt.user.client.rpc.StatusCodeException: 500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details Unknown.Hd(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@13019) Unknown.Oub(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@24) Unknown.f8b(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@23) Unknown.gbc(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@18966) Unknown.eCb(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@141) Unknown.xCb(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@13568) Unknown.<anonymous>(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@65) Unknown.awb(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@30) Unknown.dwb(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@46) Unknown.<anonymous>(http://disti-jira-test:8060/static/ooaqce/gwt/AdminGwtModule/3B142E9B95B0FCA6FE215BE8F6761A6D.cache.html@46)
You are running release CR4.4.0 FE4.4.0 (20170412122150 2017-04-12), please report your release number when reporting bugs.

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I'm very sorry but our Crucible plugin is not compatible with the latest Crucible releases. We are going to debug the issue and with you an ETA as soon as possible.

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:P No you're not!

As I said we'll try to give you an ETA for the issue fix asap.

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In the mean time, is there a way you can provide me with the last known compatible configuration of Crucible/Plastic, so I can roll my installations back a version or two. I need to get my team testing the product, and would love to be able to provide them with something for now.

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Yikes, that's quite a few versions back, my friend.

Version Release Date

 22 Releases ago, it appears?  So I'm guessing this fix isn't going to be soon?

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Hi, I'm afraid it's not yet fixed. I will try to push it for near future.

Sorry for the inconveniences,


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