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Confirmation working with build on Server 2016.

(Aside - the new web admin is great too, just used it to renew the licence which worked properly for the first time ever - long story)

A few 'gripes':  the copyright on the bottom of pages says 2014 (was expecting 2017 or maybe 2014-2017).   It appeared to list the repositories in random order (or maybe creation order, but in our company that means the active ones are listed right at the end). And it seems a shame that in changeset view, more detail is not (easily) available for the changeset comments. This may be a browser thing as the full text is there in the HTML source 


But I don't know that the web interface is a priority for you.  For me after all, I just want a way to be able to view source code/history without creating a workspace. It's not a big part of anyone's workflow.

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