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Auto-fill check-in comment on merge and cherry-pick

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Is it possible to auto-fill the check-in comment for the pending changes after a cherry-pick or a merge?

For example something like what git does. Cherry-picking would simply copy the check-in comment from source changeset and append some details.

Developed stuff / cherry-pick of cs:13 branch master/foobar

Merge from branch would auto-fill check-in comment as follows.

Merge from branch master/foobar

It's bit cumbersome to write these manually or copy paste comments


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No, I'm afraid you can only configure comments for all the checkin, right now, for the checkin comments, we don't distinguish a regular checkin from a checkin done after a merge.

You are more than welcome to add this suggestion as a user-voice idea: https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general If it gets enough traction we'll get it implemented.

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