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Best way to track Git + fork(s)

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Here's the scenario:

Foo has repository Bar on GitHub

SuperCow has repository Baz on GitHub, which is a fork of Foo/Bar

I want to, in turn, fork Baz as a Plastic SCM repo, while retaining the ability to merge and cherry-pick from Baz and Bar, and the ability to contribute to Baz.

After doing a bit of reading, my intuition is that I should create a repository where the main branch is synced with Foo/Bar, a child branch is synced with SuperCow/Baz, and a subsequent child branch that I use for development. The documentation doesn't cover any scenarios that involve multiple Git repositories, fork or not, so I figure there is probably something wrong with my suggested approach, or, at the very least, gotchas that I should be aware of.

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I've discovered that Git Sync works on a repository level, not a branch level. So it's impossible to sync simultaneously with multiple Git repositories.

The solution that I intend to use now is to migrate updates from upstream repos to fork repos using a local intermediary Git repository, while syncing Plastic only with the leafmost Git repository.

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Yes, I'm afraid GitSync only allows to sync a specific Plastic and git repository. 



In the following link we explain the different options to acess git repos from Plastic and vice versa:




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