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Christian Rademan

The server spec is not correct:

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Hi there.

Our company has recently adopted plastic as our source control and we have started using it in Unity ( 5.6.3p1)

Enabling the plastic plugin on an empty project works and you can checkout, add etc in the editor.

If we try this on our actual project, the plugin disconnects and we get this error:

PlasticSCM : The server spec is not correct.

This does not happen on all the users machines, we have one or two that is working.

Setting Gluon mode tot true seems to fix the issue on these machines, but not others.

Can you assist?

Not sure If I should open a support ticket instead.



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@Christian Rademan, yes please open a support case and let's see if you can find out what's going on.

For the rest of users reading this, the first step is enabling the plugin log, so if you find yourself in this situation, please generate the log file for us. You just need to use the attached "plasticunity.log.conf.zip" file.

The .conf file you'll find inside will enable several internal logs, you need to unzip it, paste the .conf file inside the Plastic SCM client directory, close unity and force the issue. The logs will be generated at: c:\logs\unity (can be changed by editing the value inside the .conf file) . They will hopefully contain useful info about the issue, share them with us.



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I've seen this:

2017-11-13 13:52:07,948 DEBUG Commands - Assets path:       [C:\Dev\Invictus\FireTruck_Rhino\Assets]
2017-11-13 13:52:07,948 DEBUG Commands - ProjectSettings:   [C:\Dev\Invictus\FireTruck_Rhino\ProjectSettings]
2017-11-13 13:52:07,948 DEBUG Commands - Project root path: [C:\Dev\Invictus\FireTruck_Rhino]
2017-11-13 13:52:07,948 DEBUG Commands - Gluon mode:        [true]
2017-11-13 13:52:07,948 DEBUG Commands - Repository name:   []
2017-11-13 13:52:07,948 DEBUG Commands - Workspace name:    []

Are the "Repository name" and "Workspace name" fields empty at the Unity editor preferences too?

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