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Tabs reset after restart of Plastic

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When I close Plastic SCM (Windows 10,, all the Tab-arrangements are lost (e.g. custom branch explorer tabs, but also the order of the workspace tabs). Reinstallation didn't help.

Why is this behaviour, and what can be done to persists the custom Tab-arrangements?


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Hi @sit,

the tab arrangements are stored at the "C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Local\plastic4\guivisualstate.xml" file.

It's an XML file where you can see the views opened for each workspace, the order they appear at the file is the order the GUI will open them. The group GUID is the workspace GUID:

<Group Name="7657ea99-49b7-42fd-9c71-3e5d3309f302" SelectedView="0">

You can get your workspace guid by running:

cm lwk --format="wkpath:{2};wkguid:{3}"

Can you check if the information is correctly stored in your guivisualstate file? Can you also try the same using the latest Plastic 6 release?

The custom branch explorer view are stored at the guivisualstate.xml file as well. This is how one of them looks like:

        <View X="0" Y="0" Width="0" Height="0">
          <ViewInfo xsi:type="CustomBranchExplorerViewInfo">
            <BranchQuery>find branch on repository 'Quake@catacroquer@cloud'</BranchQuery>
            <Changesets />



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