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GitServer won't start / clone

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I've spent a good 4 hours on this, and I'm at my wit's end. I got far enough that git *tries* to start, but fails.

For a while, this was catching me up:

2018-06-15 22:52:39,797 GitServerRequest-8    ERROR Git - GitTcpServer caught an error Access to the path "/myUserName/.plastic4/gitserver" is denied.

So I foolishly created a gitserver folder in my user's .plastic4 directory, and gave it rwx access to all users (because I think the issue is that plastic server uses a user called plasticscm, who didn't have access to a folder in my user's home). This did not solve the issue though, as gitserver now starts. However, when I try to clone, I get the following in my log:


2018-06-15 23:05:34,073 GitServerRequest-22    ERROR Git - GitTcpServer caught an error Sequence contains no elements


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I'm sorry you are facing problems when configuring GitServer.

- Let's set a custom path with write permissions in your server to generate the GitServer mappings.



# mapping storage - the mappings between git and plastic objects
# the default path is automatically generated by the server

- Once we have configured the custom path, we need to restart the Plastic server service and check if the mappings are being generated there. 

- In any issue still persists, please attach the full "plastic.debug.log.txt" so we can review it and debug the problem.



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