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Merge To( from ) fails in cm but not in gui

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I am attempting to run a "merge to" operation using cm, which fails with a message like :

The "Merge-to" operation cannot be executed because the merge from changeset cs:80@studio_library to branch br:/aberland has conflicts. It is neccesary to run a "Merge from" operation from a workspace to resolve those conflicts.

If I run a "merge from" inside the gui, the merge processes without any messages or conflicts! 

It is unclear what the difference here is, since this afaik this is the exact same operation.

My cm command ( server name redacted ?

cm merge cs:80@rep:studio_library@ssl://#####:8088 --to=br:/aberland@rep:studio_library@ssl://####:8088 --merge

I read in an another post that someone was experiencing similar issues when they had xlinks in their repo.


If indeed, there are conflicts, I would expect to see a message about what these are. As well, since this operation is part of our pipeline tools that wrap around plastic, if there was a way to display the merge conflict resolver gui, that would be excellent. Any help with this front would be much appreciated as well.

Thank you!

- Aleks


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Hi @karmakat,

sorry for the long delay answering, I totally missed this post.

Which Plastic SCM version do you use? Make sure your client.conf has the following entry:


With the "" release (and higher) the Plastic SCM server is able to solve merge-to conflicts even if they are inside an xlink. Give it a try!

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