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Can't unlock files on Cloud

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I'm new to PlasticSCM and am setting up a new repository on the cloud service. I'm a developer using the PlasticSCM client proper, which is working fine... but when I set up Gluon for our artist, I'm getting weird errors. Several hundred files appear to be locked and checked out to the artist. The Check In option isn't available. And when we try Check Out, there's an error message saying "These items are exclusively checked out by [artist name]."


Is there anyway to reset the checkouts on these files?







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Hi Brian,


yes, first you need to be the repository server owner. Open a regular Plastic SCM client, repositories, right click in any of them and select "Repository server permissions" then change the owner to yourself.


Now from the command line you can use the "cm unlock" command in order to remove the pending locks.


Obviously there's an easier way to do it, from the machine having the locks open the Plastic SCM GUI and undo them all. The lock will be released.

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